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• 11/27/2017

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• 5/1/2016

Petition to make SCPs

it will be cool
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• 3/22/2016

*is high*

Awww man. What if tere was any like... Reptiles in the foundation, ya know man?
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• 3/20/2016

What happened while I was gone?

Just wondering whats been going on since I left.
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• 3/5/2016

Hey, what's that over there?

I think it may just ba a sn- *sniped*
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• 2/6/2016

There any Requirement for tales and such?

Just like. The title explains it.
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• 2/3/2016
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• 2/2/2016
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• 2/1/2016

I found another SCP!

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• 1/19/2016

L-4 Candidates

As anyone is very much aware of right now the Candidates were sealed and interviewed recently. This is where you can place your thoughts on what's next.
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• 2/3/2016

I think that all personnel could have a list of things they can't do.

I just wanted to make one for myself. So yea..... Right now.
1. Dr. Pie is not allowed to bring his pet birds into a site. No, that is not just paint at Site-52
2. Though he may not have his own office.  Does not mean he can make any Euclid Containment Areas for SCPs as his office.
3. No throwing SCP-2558-J-ex SCP-1994-JSCP-616-J SCP-009-J SCP-1234-J. Any SCP classified as a -J. The last time he has done that, a containment breach almost happened.
4. Although he may say it. He cannot "combine" with SCP-777-J.
5. He may come into contact with SCP-1548-CU and SCP-682-CU and SCP-111, though he is never to touch the actual SCP-1548 and SCP-682.
6. Dr. Pie cannot try to bring SCP-795 to SCP-500-J with earplugs any person who may be called mentally insane.
7. Can I press SCP-001-J? It just looks so shiny! No, you cannot. Site-██ does and cannot have any organisms in there.

1. As you can tell. He is not allowed to edit this document. Though he may be able to get in here, how.... I don't know.

8. He cannot apply SCP-248 to a tv show. Especially My Little Pony, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, and South Park

1. Trust me. He can do that.
2. No he can't.

9. %^@#$#$LOLZ THS GUT IS A FPOL!$&532$%^@&$&236^$ How did SCP-732 get in here?
10. No longer allowed to bring SCP-735 near any Euclid, Keter, or even Safe SCPs. So that means especially SCP-SAFE-J
11. He can't even do experiments on SCP-727-J using SCP-682 promising that if he pulls it down here. It will kill us all.
12. He's not allowed to bing any weapn SCPs out of containment to recruit random people by threatening them.
1. It's to keep the tradition, Dr. Drago did it
2. I don't think that he did that.
13. Yes, 111 can breath fire. But that is not a reason to collect all of the twelve known specimens and put them into a bag and shaking it to make a flamethrower.
14. Despite all of his claims, he cannot survive SCP-666-J.
15.He is not able to claim the 616-J is the bible of the Foundation.
16. Putting SCP-529 on a rocket is not a good thing. She will immediately fall.
17. No, he cannot top SCP-173-J at 6 Shenanigans per second. At which eh could only do less than him at 2 Shenanigans.
18. He is not allowed to obtain weapons and shoot female personnel to "exterminate SCP-078-J"
19. He may just like grab SCP-____-J to, uhhhh............ I don't know....
20. Not allowed to bring digital media infront of any SCPs. We are still trying to get SCP-777-J to stop saying "I had a bad day, don't ask why".
21. Yes he may have never seen SCP-727-J, but that is not the exact reason to grab personnel with him to escape a Site.
22. He is not any of the following SCPs.
1. SCP-173-1
2. SCP-113-1
3. SCP-732-69
4. SCP-4444-J
5. SCP-343-42
6. The god of neon colors
7. THE Mother[EXPLETIVE] T-rex.
23. Nor is he SCP-523. Scratch that. He may be that.
24. He is not allowed to be shown any cringe compilations. Also, he is not allowed to show any SCPs cringe compilations on any video sharing websites.
25. He is not "Super Minecraft Kid" because if he was his parents would find him Dr. Drago must've heard him. Or anyone in Site-28. Or anyone in a radius of 167 kilometers.
26. Not to be given tributes consisting of Class Ds.
27. Not allowed to turn into any animal using the same device Dr. Crow used to turn into a dog. "Man's best friend my ass" -Dr. Kondraki
28. Not allowed to make birds drink SCP-1575-1 to procreate with the successful attempts.
a. Not allowed to drink it himself or make D-Class drink it.
b. Not allowed to think about it or touch it.
29. Not allowed to make a miniature version of himself through SCP-5555-J
30. Not allowed to smuggle any baking spices any spices.
a. Last time he did that. He got high on Nutmeg.
30. Not allowed to yell the following
  1a. Unless if he actually discovered a new topic involving science
31. He is not allowed to pull out a gun in an enclosed area.
32. Not allowed to say anything that means: Who's that?
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• 12/21/2015

How far should Red run now?

I read this wiki daily Red I don't know if you thought I wouldn't see it, but I have. Now the question for everyone out there is how far should Red run, because he needs a long headstart.
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• 11/22/2015


Here is an example of Dr. Drago.

Based off of the image on his personnel file.
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• 11/9/2015

Post steams m8s

Sexy steam
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• 11/1/2015

16 bit Dr Woods

I based the image off my picture in my personnel file.
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• 7/21/2015

Could we start a roleplay here?

The title basically, could we start a roleplay about the SCP Foundation on here?
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• 7/19/2015

First attempt at a SCP

Please give your thoughts.
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• 7/3/2015

Favorite SCP tale?

Mine has to be this
Whats your favorite SCP tale guys?
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• 7/2/2015
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