Recovered audio log from the Site 40-2 Breakroom from 11/13/20██.

(Dr. Malfrous is heard setting down a box of cards onto a table.)

(Dr. Young, Dr. Drago, Dr. Colms, Dr. Schrodinger, Agent █████)

Dr. Malfrous: Alright, gentlemen - and ladies - we will be playing a civilized game of Cards Against Humanity.

DrYoung would be heard barfing a little in his mouth. He would kneel over to his left, allowing green liquid to dribble from his mouth into a trash bin.)

(Dr. Malfrous would choke back a laugh.)

(Dr. Young would scream, allowing barf to fly in all different directions upon opening his mouth,)


(Doctor Young would then be heard choking on a bit of barf he swallowed down.)

Dr. Young: Too...-inaudible-...chunky...

(Dr. Young would then faint.)

(They would continue their game like nothing happened.)

(Malfrous would say a black card with blanks, and the other participants would eagerly shout at their cards.)

Dr. Malfrous: Dr. Young ____ all over the ______.

Dr. Drago: Uh, Doctor Young 'barfed' all over the 'table'!

(The group would applaud.)

(Suddenly, a goat-like scream was heard, and everyone was shocked to hear Young to have his head cocked up, his jaw wide open. Barf would spray up into the air.)

Dr. Drago: Son of a-

(He was cut off by the barf coming down towards them, splattering all over the group's heads.)

Agent █████: Hmm. I can use this as a flavor at SCP-Bucks.

(Agent █████ would lick the barf dribbling down his hair.)

(Dr. Colms would still be looking down at his cards, not batting an always.)

Dr. Colms: Can someone bring me a beer? (Unaware of the barf dripping down his forehead.)

(Dr. Youngs would suddenly awaken, and his eyes bulged out of his sockets, and a flood of barf blasted at the table, snapping the table in half like a twig with one swift strike.)

Dr. Drago: Well, shit.

(Dr. Malfrous would raise his knife and attempt to charge at Young.)

(Young would barf directly at Malfrous, and upon impact, Malfrous was sent flying, slamming into the wall.)