Document   lv█-████19██-p██ Edit

Name: Agent. ████ Flint

Security Clearance: [REDACTED]

Occupation: [REDACTED]

Site of Operations: Mobile

Profile: [REDACTED]

History: Agent.Bido was found on ██/██/████ and recruited as a █████ ████████ ████ operative █/█/████. His clearance level within the foundation is [REDACTED]. He was found after an incident on [REDACTED] leading to multiple casualties dealt by SCP-███ he was [REDACTED]. His mental and physical condition have been [REDACTED] leading to an accident injuring two (2) Foundation personnel. He was to be terminated but was saved by [REDACTED] for reasons unknown to today. He was tested and recruited by the [REDACTED] department and was later transferred to the [REDACTED] department as a █████ ████████ ████ operative.

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