NAME: Agent Soni

SECURITY CLEARANCE: Operation Staff (Level 5)

RACE: Caucasian

AGE: ██


OCCUPATION(S): Operation Staff, Director of Security, Ethics Council, Senior Researcher, [REDACTED], [REDACTED]

LOCATION(S): Site-24, Site-24-2, Site-25, Site-79


Profile: Agent Soni, though a somewhat young member of the SCP Foundation, is known to be a very loyal member. Since he joined, he had top interest within the Foundation, and wanted to improve whatever he could, to make the Foundation a better place for everyone. Though his goals were very high, he planned on reaching them sooner or later, and as soon as he reached Level 3, he started to join departments. First was the Scientific Department, in which he went up to the rank of Senior Researcher pretty quickly, and was proud of that. Though he loved science, security was his true calling, and he figured this out when he reached the rank of Security Agent, within the Security Department. Much later, in February in the year of 20██, he was chosen to be the Director of Security. Being given this title, a surprise party was hosted for him by the Security team, and he drowned them all with tears of joy. Reaching this title, he knew it was time to get serious about the group, though just be as friendly as usual (Note: Soni does not tolerate any disrespect or rudeness towards anyone on any level). He is very confident in what he does, and he runs the Security Department with great pride. As of now, he is the rank of Operation Staff within the Foundation, with a clearance of L-5, and is currently and continuously trying to reach his goals while doing what he can to make the Foundation a great environment to be in.

Currently Working With: Dr. Colms, Dr. Drago, Agent Eagle, Agent DaSilva, Agent Renke, Dr. Sponge, Dr. D, and Prof. T████ "Pika" Young.

(Don't forget about donuts!)


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