Hudson woke up, he didn't know where he was. He heard a faint voice in the backround. It said: "Hey he's alive!!" His head hurt a little and he could still feel the pain from being shot in the chest.. as he walked out with the two unknown figures he saw Woods's lifeless corpse on the floor next to him..

The sirens where still blurring because of the containment breach "Drago..we gotta get Hudson outta here.." "Hehe I know a place.. they lifted him into a helicopter while the loudspeaker said "We're detonating the Alpha warheads" "Quickly get him in!" They took off while Hudson said: "Wha-what about Woods?" "He's gone sir.." Hudson passed out again

He re-awoke in a Site hospital. He opened his eyes and saw several figures at his bedside "He's awake!" one figure said. Followed by applause. "Where am I?" "You're in hospital Hudson.." "Wheres...Wheres Woods?" "He's dead..." Hudson was fighting back the tears and memories..

"Hudson.." Dr. Colms said softly and almost teary "Yeah?" Hudson responded "There's someone here to see you.." Colms turned his head to see Dr. Hudson wife sobbing and his 8 year old son "Sarah, he's awake now.." She ran over to her husband "I'm sorry Sarah..I should've listened to you.."

"No no it's okay.." "Wheres Connor?" "Here.." "Dad are you gonna be okay? and wheres uncle Woods?" "Uncle Woods... is with his Dad right now.." "Oh.." Connor said while backing away "Honey.. we're gonna let you get some rest.." "Let's go Connor.." "Oh..okay..goodbye daddy.." "Goodbye.."

Colms and Drago entered "Hudson...We're gonna go here..try and get some rest.." "Alright.." Hudson went to sleep


"Hey! there he is!" A massive applause was given to Hudson after being in the hospital for two days.. Hudson walked over to Colms and Young "Welcome back!" "Thanks." Hudson replied "I'm sorry about Woods.." Colms said "Its-It's fine.. Did you recover the body?" "Yeah.. a couple of MTF went in before the detonation.." "So..Whens the funeral?" "I don't know.." "Alright thats fine.."

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