It was just an average day for Dr. Hudson. He went and got his Morning coffee just like everyone else. Although unsuspecting of the events about to unfold. He gladly went through his day testing SCP-087 and sending a Class D to inspect. He went for his coffee break at 12:30 in the afternoon. That is when it happened, the lights went out and a familiar voice could be heard on the loudspeaker it was Dr Snail. "Everyone please remain calm, Meet at the Class D dorms"

So Dr. Hudson naturally obeyed this and went to the Class D dorm rooms. When he got there he could see other Doctors he works with. Dr Snail, Dr Woods, and Dr Drago all he knew too well. When suddenly a blue floating head appeared Dr. Hudson and Dr Drago both jumped back "Ahhhh!" They both said in unison "What the hell is that thing!!" Screeched Dr Woods. "I don't know replied Dr Snail. The blue floating head tilted its head and floated toward Dr Snail. It smiled. Dr Snail reached to touch it. But when he did he was coccooned inside this weird blue ice. That made the Blue Floating head angry. It charged for the other Doctors but they where unable to escape. You could hear screaming coming from the Class D dorms. But something was touching Dr Hudson. It was a cold feeling.

It grabbed hold of Dr Hudson's mouth and began pulling him back. muffled screams could be heard before realizing who it was that was holding him. It was Dr woods and Dr Drago. "Shhhhhh!!!!!" Dr Drago pleaded " That 'thing' can hear us!!". "What the hell even is it?" Dr Hudson asked curiously "I don't know but we need to get to the control room to sound off the alarm" Just as Dr Woods said that the alarm went off. "Well we don't need to that anymore" "Lets just make our way to gate B" The three men wandered the corridors looking for Gate B. They turn the corner and the Blue floating head could be seen.

It turned to face them it floated along and opened a door. "That thing can open FUCKING DOORS!!" Dr Drago screamed "Hush Drago, lets move before it comes back" replied Dr Hudson. On their way they found Dr jj Dragon in a cocoon. Let's just make our way to Gate B there they found the rest of the Personnel of Site-40 The anomaly was just floating there. The door was opening and at least 250 MTF units were guarding. The anomaly screeched it was slurred. Suddenly it charged at them and screamed but it vanished into nothingness.

After that the site was reopened and all the cocooned Doctors even Dr J.J.Dragon were resleased But Dr.Hudson could reacall a few times were he had seen the Blue Floating head roaming the halls of the faclility

The end...