Woods woke up from his sleep by the busy world that was just outside his apartment. He listened to the birds chirping outside of his dusty window. He sighed and looked at his apartment. It was a complete mess, with stacks of clothes bigger then a mountain and tin cans littered the ground.

Woods had a rather small apartment. It only had 3 rooms, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The rent for it wasn't bad but he had problems with finding a job. This young and naive kid was straight out of collage. He had studied Biochemistry but couldn't find any work for it.

Woods lazily jumped out of his bed and slowly walked to his fridge and groaned as he realised there was no food. He walked back into his bedroom and opened his closet door. He picked bits of random clothing and started to dress himself.

He grabbed his apartment keys and unlocked the door. After he had got outside of his door he relocked it. Woods apartment was on the 2nd floor so he would usually take the stairs. It didn't take long until Woods was able to breath the 'fresh' air.

His faced was assulted by the dirty air of the city as he walked to the local store. He dodged the stream of busy people until he was able to get to his destination.

But before he could go into the store, something caught his eye. A sentence in blue spray paint that says 'Are we cool yet?' His heart stopped as he felt something made out of metal digging into his back. He heard a chuckle as his blood when cold

"Go down the alleyway at the left of you. If you don't do as I say, lets just say you'll have a nasty hole in your back" The male figure said. Woods did as the figure said. They kept walking until they hit a twist in the alleyway that hid them

"Turn around" The figure says and woods complys. "You though you get away from us that easy, Woody?" "Damn it man I didn't do that art shit to fucking kill people! I though we where doing it for the shits and giggles, not to hurt people!"

"So you ran away?" He said growling. "Your little friend gave me a fucking gun! He said he was with some Foundation or something. When I said no he grabbed it and fucking killed the guy! He shot the guy clean through the head!"

"The foundation is are enemy!" He said, pointing the gun to my temple. "First of all no one told me who these foundation fucks are, and second of all its your enemy, not mine" "So you don't know about any of the anomalies? Even are ones?" He questioned. "What anomalies? I don't know anything about any damn anomalies!" "So your saying to me, you became a part of the group, not even knowing what you where getting yourself into?" He said, shock visible in his face.

"Look all I know is we did some art shit, your friend gave me a gun, then I left" Woods said. Before the man could reply the shape of a gun smacked across the back of his head. He slammed to the ground, not moving.

Before Woods knew it a black bag was shoved over his head. He felt someone sharp being put into his left arm and the world started to go black.


Woods a woke sitting in a metal chair. He attempted to move but was restricted by handcuffs. He looked around the room. It was pure white with no windows. It only had a metal table, a light, another chair and a door. Woods did the only thing he could do, shout for help.

He shouted for a good minute but no one came and woods gave up. He tried to move his hands out of the handcuffs but it was no use. He noticed that his legs where also handcuffed.

A man in a white labcoat came into the room. He had brown hair and netural smile. His labcoat was supported by a name tag that said "Dr Spunky. L-5". Woods noticed in his hands a bunch of files. The man sat down in the chair opposite to him.

"My my, you have a rather intresting history" he says,sliding a document to me. Woods notices at the top it says "DOCUMENT SHOULD ONLY BE VIEWED BY MEMBERS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS.

The Doctor got up and unhandcuffed Woods. "Go on, look at it" Woods complied and his face lid up in horror as he read through the pages. It was a 10 page document detailing his time at Are we cool yet?'

"How...did you get all of this? And why are you showing me it" Woods said, visibly shaken. "We have are ways. Its not like you will remember this meeting, or your time at the group" He said with a stern voice. "What do you mean I wont remember this?"

Just then, men in black and white combat armour came in. When the two men piled into the room Woods attempted to dash out of the room. One of the men caught him by the neck and slammed him onto the table. The other man got out a black substance and made Woods drink it.

Everything started to turn black



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