Brian Excel is the Chaos Insurgency Director and a former Level 2 in the SCP Foundation

Evaluation: 1.77 m, 56 kg

Ethnicity: Polish

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Purple

In Character: Doctor Bryan S Excel, also known as "The Director" is the (current) leader of the Chaos Insurgency, who has devoted all of 25 years in the fields of biology to the Chaos Insurgency, and he personally deals with many items himself. However, he is known to be in a way, a side character in the story of the Chaos Insurgency, giving most power to his subordinates, the Alpha and Beta level members, himself being considered "Omega" level, at least, that is the term he refers to himself. He is known for a laid back attitude towards most threats that the Chaos Insurgency houses, but, in a somewhat hypocritical manner, says that the SCP foundation deals with objects that are too dangerous for man to control or contain.

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