A collaborated tale created by linktoaworld and nanubot - introducing,

man dats sum good ass shit

Drawing (1)-0

The darkness around me fled. I found myself under a beam of light. I adjusted to it, and looked around. Standing before me was a man in a Phantom of the Opera mask.

"Cain." He snorted, his voice calm and soothing. "You are alive.... Strange."

I knew not where I was, when I was, or who I was.

Except that a suited man had called me 'Cain'.

"Who are you?" I managed to ask the man, despite the fear and confusion inside.

The man did not respond.

"Where am I?" I asked again.

"You are at the beginning. You must be afraid. You must be confused. Here, take my hand." The man in the mask slowly raised a white glove hiding his hand. I took it, only to enter a new world of pain.

It was as of a bolt of lightning had punctured through my heart, only to be zapped by all the volts of electricity being used in America.

"Where. Is it?" The man spat, his voice suddenly a storm of hate. "Where are you hiding it?" He yelled into my ear. His hand tightened over mine. More pain, more screaming. I had lost control of the vigorous shaking within my body.

"Tell me, Cain." He loosened his grip ever so slightly.

"I don't...know what you're talk-" He clenched his fist in anger. Even more pain. "Don't be stupid, Kieran. Don't pretend to be the nobody you try to be. Tell me, where are those drugs?" He put another hand over mine, doubling the pain. I was being consumed by electricity. I let out a bloodcurdling scream.

The man in the mask tilted his head to the side. He winced, staring at something on my forehead. "Strange," He muttered. "Very strange." He let go, and slipped his hand away. The pain instantly stopped, and I felt as if a thousand pounds was lifted from my shoulders. He held his glove to the side of my forehead, and pulled it back with great force. In his bloodstained glove was a beeping device.

He slid the device into his pocket and took out a radio from the other. He spoke into it, saying, "Take Cain to detainment sector B." He then launched his fist straight into my face - then,




Cain wouldn't try to struggle as the guards did have weapons. While they entered Sector B, deafening roars and cries came out of cells. One of the Guards, a taller one when compared to the second one with him yelled, "SHUT UP, YA BRUTES!" The yelling went down, at least to a point where one may hear others. A cell opened with a bed, toilet, and a sink, it was small, though the man didn't mention anything about it. The taller one pushed Cain in and slammed the steel door shut, and Cain overheard the guards talking.

"Any clue to why we have the guy in here?" The higher pitched voice asked, probably the small one.

"No clue, do you?" The taller one would respond.

"I am honestly just guessing he did something bad... That's what everyone's in for, right?" Nervous chuckling.

"Yeah, I guess. Are we to just keep him and have him as a Test Subject?"

"Who knows? Maybe he did some drugs."

"You can't think that, right?"

"Eh. Whatever he's in for, he's going to have a

bad time."


Comedy saw the logs. He knew it was true. Cain was in the building, and nobody informed him.

He tossed his computer from the table in anger.

How did they find him?

Why did they want him?



It could have only been Palk and Tragedy.

The anger inside of Comedy doubled.

He grabbed the nearest telephone and dialed a number he had wished to forgot in years.

After dialing in the numbers, a familiar face appeared on the phone screen.

The face of Samuel Malfrous.


Cain put his elbow onto the sink. "Was it something I did?" The shorter one was sleeping, and made a groggy moan when the taller one woke him up "Whhaaattt?"

"The prisoners asking a question!" The taller one yelled

"What is it?" The shorter one said.

"The prisoner!"

"You sure it isn't a rock?"

"I'm sure!"

"Ok then. What is it?"

Cain would rest his arm on the cell's door "Why am I here?"

"No clue."

Cain would sigh and knock the door. There was no voice though. What there was was a blaring noise coming from outside the cell. With the sector going dark. Cain froze, what was that, who, why? When he got to the back of the cell, a blast came from the wall opposite to where he was.There was no person out there, so he came out and the noise stopped. A computer next to the cell would have a black and white comedy mask on it and ``typed`` "stuck." Cain ran, heading for the



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