Name: Dr. Pan████

Security Clearance: Level 4

Occupation: Security Department Director

Location: Area-[REDACTED, or any other Site/Area he gets addressed to.]


Personal Log Entry:

"It's been my 5th month working at this Facility. It's been pretty wierd. I mean, I didn't get my hopes up to see these kind of...anomalies.These Log Entries are the only sanity I have at the moment. What are the SCPs are this Site? I must be at a different Site. An Area. A Site for keeping more...dangerous anomalies. Besides that, if you haven't talked to me, or heard of me, I am Dr. Pan█████. You can just call me Dr. Pan. I started working here 5 months ago, but something seems...different. It must be...something." A knock was heard at the door. "Who is it?" Where the hell is my Keycard..." The knocking continues, as Dr. Pan rises from his chair to answer his office door. "If it's Dr. Yo-" The log ends there. He was found a day later, untouched, and in an abnormal state. Something happened to him, but we just don't know yet.


Other notes:

Eye color: Black.

Skin color: Black.

Hair color: [UNKNOWN, does he even have any other hair?]

Catch Phrase: "Where the Hell is my Keycard?" [He mostly loses his Keycard from time to time, so we gave him that Catch Phrase.]

Other Departments: Internal Security, Ethics, Administrative.



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