This is a small joke that some of us say whenever our ingame characters die. This is non-canon inside the SCP-verse, of course.

Cloning Technology Corporation Edit

Introduction Edit

CTC, otherwise known as the Cloning Technology Corporation is a scientific company that focuses on cloning research. So far, their data has been successful and they have created their own cloning machine. They are at the moment, supporting SCP Foundation personnel, especially Security or Mobile Task Force units due to their large amount of deaths during major breaches.

How does it work? Edit

The way that the device works is that whenever the user that has enabled their CTC membership, it costs about 7,483 dollars, per death, and when they suffer a fatal death, right away the machine will detect that they have died, and reform them onto what we call, a "Cloning Spawn". The cloning spawn is a transparent slab placed down and set for whoever died to the nearest cloning spawn to be transported there. Though it is unknown how they do this, it come in handy in many situations.

Frequently Asked Questions Edit

"Can't one single pill from SCP-500 do this?"

Go away.

"How is this even possible?"


"Can you lower the price?"


"What is your motto?"

"But thanks to latest in cloning technology, [Insert Name Here] is alive to see another day."

"Could you bring [Insert Name Here] back alive?"

Only if they pay 7,483 dollars.


"Cloning tech, another reason for how you didn't die."