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Doctor D on testing of SCP-1025

I don't know why. I don't.

Main information Edit

First name: Dmitri

Second name: ██████

Age: ██

Security Clearance Level: 3

Occupations: Senior Researcher, Security Agent

Location: Site-24

History Edit

[DATA EXPUNGED] (work on remaking the description is in progress) 

List of Doctor D's creations Edit

Name Opened Closed Status Director (s) Co-Director (s)
Site-24 12/10/2015 - Online Doctor D Agent Soni
Site-24-2 2/23/2016 4/4/2016 [DATA EXPUNGED] Doctor D Agent Soni, Doctor Karver (Overseer)
Site-11 - - Canceled - -
Site-25 6/04/2016 - Online Doctor D Agent Soni, Doctor Colms
Training Facility Viligem (SD) 5/1/2016 - Online Doctor D (in SD also known as Agent D) -
Containment Site-91 - - In development Doctor D -