• mm
  • omg
  • i looked at the pic
  • then saw the
  • 'KETER'
  • and i farted so loud
  • of laughter
  • omg
  • sometimes, I fart when I'm happy
  • I'm serious
  • When I get emotional to an extreme
  • my body takes over
  • omg
  • i remember one time
  • we were watching the p00rn0 video in 6th grade
  • the one we have to watch to 'understand our enviroment'
  • and I was laughing so hard,
  • I made like
  • eh
  • you know what i mean
  • and framed it on Shawn, my classmate
  • 'Wooh, Shawn. Whadya eat for breakfast?'
  • y am i still taking
  • gg

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