[This was an earlier chat Agent Blind had with some of the personnel.]

"Good morning, personnel. Come here, we have a little chat to discuss."

"I noticed some of you have been wondering if perfect actually existed or not. Today, I'm gonna explain what I think."

"We've all been trying to be perfect for one part of our lives, whether it's right now, or if it was back when you were younger. Though the real question is, does anything perfect really exist? We never had any "Perfect Human" in our lives. If somebody was to be the perfect human, they would basically be better than everybody at everything."

"They would be invincible, and they would have no feelings. They would show no mercy nor regret. They would be too perfect for pretty much anything, and they would not want to play anything challe- hey, be quiet. Anyways, they wouldn't want to play anything challenging because they would be the best at it, so there would be no point in having fun trying."

"Have you ever tried to draw a perfect circle? Well, that's about impossible, as you would probably miss the point where you started, make it bumpy, etc. Even if it looked perfect, there would still be a flaw into it, whether it's molecular, or even smaller."

"Have you ever tried to draw a line? Well, that's also impossible to do perfectly, as you would probably make it bumpy or something by accident. Even if it did look perfect, it would also have some small flaws most likely."

"The truth is, you have to be yourself. Maybe not everyone will like you, but being yourself would be the best option. You can't be better than people at everything, but as long as you be yourself, you will have your life easier. You will not become perfect at everything. I lack writing skills, but that doesn't concern me."

"Well, thank you for talking with me. You may now leave as you wish."