This is Dr. Hudson's letter to [REDACTED]

I was roaming through the halls of Heavy Containment when I spot something in the corner of my eye. It was SCP-1048 and he seems to have drawn a picture with the words on the top 'He misses us' I am unsure of what this meant but I assume it to be Dr. ██████ Carver. Also on the piece of paper the SCP had drawn on was a frightening face I shrugged it off and I began speaking to the SCP very well aware the lack of conversation he shares. I asked Him/Her "Who is this man?" He/She pointed at a door "What is it?" He/She just began jumping and with a gesture I've never seen the SCP do.. He began rubbing his/her eyes as if he was tired and then it hit me It was a doctor crying. I got the SCP in my hands and he jumped on my shoulder and sat down he hugged my neck tight and we went to investigate the source of crying. I saw a janitor a female janitor on the floor with another teddy bear that didn't seem to have a spine which confused me at first but SCP-1048 began chasing the other teddy bear down. I helped the janitor to safety

Sincerely Dr. ██████ Hudson