███████ Kocer was born in Ankara, Turkey and at age 14 illegally joined the Turkish Land Forces and was in the Maroon Berets for two years of duty in Kurdistan, making acquaintances with several ORIA agents and was in a joint operation to recover SCP-[DATA EXPUNGED]. His mother soon got a job in America and ███████ took it upon himself to protect the SCP he recovered at only age 16. For 2 more years he trained with an ex-US NAVY SEAL who served in Vietnam. Not much is known about this man, however we do know that live ammunition was used in his training. ███████ at age 18 went into BUDS training camp and was recruited into DEVGRU and then sent to the CIA SAD/SOG. He served in Desert Storm in the war in Afghanistan for all tours of duty. Protected by the SCP he kept at age 16, he was hit was hit by a 12 ton truck. Osborne did not sustain any physical damage, but the track was thrown 30 meters into the top floor of a 2 story building. The Foundation soon took note of this and pursued him, after tentative questioning, SCP-[DATA EXPUNGED] was recovered and ███████ was recruited into the Foundation and later joined Combat Task Force giving his prior owned task force; Esoteric Task Force to "Raven" becoming the squad leader after Agent "Serious" and "Aces" went AWOL and conducted attacks on Site-██. ███████ is the youngest moderator in the foundation at age 26 and is considered to be L-5 clearance capable.