Full name: Dr. █████ Hudson (Larvine)

Clearance: Level 3

Occupation: Researcher (Formally)

Locations: Site 42 (Formally)

Status: Alive


Dr. Larvine was with the foundation for at least 5 years before quitting shortly after her husband died. Dr. Larvine joined the foundation on ██/██/██ and worked with many different doctors including: Dr. Malfrous, Dr. Woods and Dr. Colms. When she was a Level 1 she accidentally recontained an SCP which gave her the title of Level 2 and shortly Level 3.

She met Dr. ██████ Hudson on ██/██/██ during a containment breach at Site-██. She worked with him for a while. They where 2 years dating when Hudson asked her to be his wife. Hudson and Larvine left the foundation and had a son. Hudson was recalled back to the Foundation when his son was █ months old. Dr. Larvine also was recalled back to the Foundation on ██/██/██.

When Dr. Hudson died she went into a deep depression. But she got over losing Hudson although still missing him to this day. Dr. Larvine is currently living in ███████ with her son.

[Dr. Larvine is a RPG character I made up so shes not real]

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