Name: Dr. █████ Schrodinger

Security Clearance: Level-5

Occupation: Director of the Science Department, Researcher

Fields of Expertise: Extra-dimensional, time-based, physics-based, and humanoid research.

Sites of Operation: Area-46


Description: A male humanoid of unknown origin and age. Noted features include:

  • Light-brown hair
  • Blue eyes
  • height of 6' 0"
  • Some article of clothing always covering his upper head1.
  • A golden pocket watch is always in his left pocket.

History: Dr.Schrodinger's history before the foundation found him is still yet a mystery. Due to his easy access to skips and material capable of traveling him through time, his apparent timeline can be traced as early as 1055 C.E. Schrodinger's history with the foundation, however, can easily be traced back to the early 2000's. The Foundation recruited him, along with several other researchers, after Incident-████-04. It was also during this incident that the foundation managed to come across documentation of his work with time and space travel, including claims that he owned a device capable of such. However, he has denied these claims and labeled them as mere hysteria from his previous peers. While working for the foundation, he has managed to improve the testing and containment procedures of various skips. It is also due to his dedication to his work that he was hired as the co-director for the Science Department, and eventually took place as the current Director when the old one retired.

It has been confirmed that Dr.Schrodinger has utilized his own body and tools whilst testing SCPs. It is due to these acts that his body has been mutated. Tests have shown an increase in his agility, an increased hippocampus, and the growth/development of Felis Catus features2. In addition to the mutations, he has managed to influence his timeline so that he could witness key historical events and figures. Though a clear violation of the use of SCPs, he has been let of with a warning after he promised easy access to previously neutralized SCPs and historical events that are key to understanding existing SCPs and Incidents3.


1. It is confirmed that he is always hiding one of his Felis Catus features this way, and he does get agitated if attempts are made to remove it.

2. Tail and ears. No other features were identified.

3. During the trial over his actions, he provided evidence of the good he could do by disappearing during a brief one minute recess and returning with SCP-1762-1 in a small cage. This took place three years prior to the Jabberwocky Event, and SCP-1762-1 had "Here Be Dragons" written on the front.