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Dr. ████ Colms, 1/7/20██

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NAME: Dr. ████ Colms


RACE: Caucasian

AGE: ██


OCCUPATION(S): Head Researcher, Security Council, Senior Staff

LOCATION(S): Area-72, Site-24-2, Site-Σ-06

PREVIOUS LOCATIONS: Site-██, Site-██, Area-██, Site-40, Site-92, Site-██, Site-31, Area-28, Site-40-2, Site-24

CURRENTLY WORKING WITH: Dr. ███████, Dr. Drago, Dr. Sonic, Dr. Karver, Agent Eagle, Dr. Comet, Dr. D

PREVIOUSLY WORKED WITH: Dr. Horror, Dr. Klacoi, Dr. ████████, Dr. Woods, Dr. ████, Dr. ██████, Dr. █████████, Dr. Malfrous, Dr. Hudson

HISTORY: Dr. Colms and his siblings were recruited on the date ██/██/20██. They were originally transferred to Site-██ where they went through basic staff introductions. During this time Dr. Colms met Dr. Malfrous and Dr. Klacoi. Dr. Malfrous and Dr. Colms later transferred to Site-██. It was at this time that Dr. Colms was provided Level-1 clearance and began his research on SCP-1123.

Dr. Klacoi and Dr. ████ Colms kept in touch with Dr. Colms and his research. They aided him from a long distance using equipment provided by the Foundation. Months after this pattern in research had begun, Dr. Colms witnessed his first containment breach. He reports: 'I couldn't contact Klacoi and my sister. The Sites electricity was completely down- and that meant everything could easily escape. I knew I had to get out, and successfully did.' Dr. Colms was the first to notify Site-Command of the incident. Due to the quick response, the breach was contained twice as fast as it regularly would have been, and an assumed fifty lives were saved. Dr. Colms was rewarded Level-2 shortly after.

Dr. Colms joined the Scientific Department and Security Department after his Level-2 placement. He was easily recruited into the Scientific Department due to his abnormally high intelligence quotient. He was recruited into Security after one of the tryouts fast forced to leave due to illness, opening a spot for him. Dr. Klacoi agreed to travel to Site-██ to celebrate Dr. Colms new achievements.

Dr. Colms met with several other researchers at Site-██ during this time. When an anomaly was shipped for research at the site, a major breach occurred. The anomaly attacked the brain and caused mass amounts of aggression towards other humanoids. The anomaly was terminated during the breach, but it left Dr. Colms with signs of mental trauma. On the date of ██/██/20██, Dr. Klacoi passed away. During an experiment on SCP-███ approved by Site Command, Dr. Klacoi made a mistake regarding the chambers control system. This allowed SCP-███ a chance to escape, triggering a site wide containment breach. Dr. Colms expressed deep emotional trauma during this time. His research began to lack in efficiency.

In an attempt to boost his moral Dr. ██████ introduced him to SCP-███. The object peeked his interest and helped him get back into research. After a week Dr. Colms had founded Research Team Campana-1. He completed multiple exams and applications for Level-3 in an attempt to progress this research. The effort was a success and he was rewarded Level-3. Though Research Team Campana-1 already has multiple occupants, Site Command postponed experiments til the date ██/█/████.

He was provided Head Researcher placement █ days after obtaining Level-3. It was then that Dr. Colms expressed an interest in SCP-455. He joined an expedition to the ship with Dr. Drago, Dr. Parkswood, Dr. Hudson and multiple SD units. Dr. Hudson was sick that day and did not show up. Though half of the team was killed, Dr. Colms reports he was pleased with the results and would go back any chance he got. Dr. Drago expressed the opposite opinion. Though Dr. Parkswood made it out of SCP-455 alive, Dr. Colms reports that he never saw him again.

On the date of ██/█/20██, Dr. Colms advanced to 'Security Guard' in the Security Department. He began to focus on advancement in the department after the promotion. Though it took him a long time to advance, he finally passed Security Officer and became member to Response Team Echolan.

After revealing sufficient skill to advance farther in the Security Department, Dr. Colms was appointed as a captain on the date of ██/█/20██. The Administrative Department began to look at Dr. Colms in farther detail after these quick promotions. Three months after this promotion, he was appointed as Senior Staff and provided Level-4 clearance.

After a series of interviews and applications, Dr. Colms advanced to Operating Staff on the date of ██/█/20██. He is currently accepted Level-0 - Level-3 applications and examinations.

During a thorough review of his history, it is confirmed that Dr. Colms is one of the five personnel still alive from his original group of SCP Foundation recruits. This was a class which consisted of over fifty people. During this time, sixty classes of over fifty new personnel were being trained.

Dr. Colms wishes best of luck to the following 'where ever some of them end up': Dr. Klacoi, Dr. Malfrous, Dr. Hudson, Dr. █████████, and Dr. Woods.

[( Dr. Colms is currently being interviewed on his history before being recruited into the SCP Foundation. History updates will be coming soon. )] -Mr. ███

PROFILE: Dr. Colms has been in the foundation at this time, for ██ years. It is recorded that Dr. Colms has been actively on site during 17 containment breaches. Dr. Colms medical records indicate small amounts of mental trauma. Dr. Colms has witnessed the death of several personnel during these incidents, including Dr. ██████, Dr. Klacoi, and Dr.████████.

Dr. Colms younger brother and sister, Mr. ██████ Colms and Dr. ████ Colms have also obtained jobs within the foundation. They are both currently active at Site-██. Dr. Colms is currently leading Research Team Campana-1. Research Team Campana-1 is currently not undergoing tests. Experiments will begin on the date ██/█/████.


Panic Room



Dr. Colms Journal


Locked Inside

(Please note: These tales will have extremely slow progress. I hate to say, I've lost interest in them. If I get around to it, I may to some work on them, but don't expect much.)

NOTES: Dr. Colms continues to show signs of mental trauma. Minorly erratic behavior, and lack of emotion are to be considered usual.

Dr. Colms has revealed an extensive case of arachnophobia. He has requested never to come in contact with SCP-1006.

It is advised that Dr. Klacoi is not mentioned to Dr. Colms. ████████ ███ ██████ ████ ██████ █████ ███ █████ ██ ███████████.

If Dr. Colms expresses any out of usual actions please do not regard to Site Command. Dr. Colms siblings are both currently active at Site-██.

On the date of ██/██/20██ Dr. Colms made the act of dying a strand of his hair pink. The scientific uniform committee retaliated, planning to punish the action. Dr. Colms was able to override their command after ███████████ █████████ █████ ███████. New members of the scientific uniform committee are asked to ignore it. Due to a lengthy request from the committee, Dr. Colms has agreed to follow their requests while on duty.