Dr Genial-28061121

Originating from the fictional tale, SPORE

Name: Dr. █████ Genial

Security Clearance: Level 2

Occupation: Researcher

Location: Site 95

Status: ???????

History Genial, a well known female in the Foundation, is known for overseeing the relocation of SCPs and chamber construction. It is unknown how she joined the Foundation, however, it is believed she joined after her deceased mother who was also a Foundation Member. She died in a ███████████ including ██████████████ , followed by Dr. █████ proposing his █████ for her..



Fun Facts

  • She has a intense crush on Dr. Malfrous, however, Malfrous has not shown her back love until her death.
  • She is known for being sarcastic and comedic, however, she is among the group of female nerds.
  • She could be quite insane.
  • She is a 5'4 female with purple-dyed hair, a white beanie, and the usual SCP uniform.
  • She has been exposed to the Spore, however, she was not affected in any known way.

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