[Agent █████ Wilde and his team recovered this Journal, 2 hours after Dr. Hudson death. It was recovered in his left pocket and is on display at site-██.]

March 18 2009:

A man dressed in a fancy suit and tie with shades and slicked back hair knocked at my door this morning and asked if I was ██████ Hudson. I replied. He asks me "We need you to sign here sir.." I complied I wrote my named down and he gave me this wired box with a logo on the top that wrote 'SCP FOUNDATION' I knew exactly who they were.

I hesitated to open the box for a few hours but I finally got the nerve to open. Upon opening it It showed a lab coat and my name on it with a key card that wrote Level 1. They must have put a letter in there because I saw a peice of paper at the bottom that said "For Mr ██████ Hudson's eyes only" I opened it and it read:

Dear Mr Hudson,

I congratulate you on your invitation to work at our top secret facilities. You will have no identity in the world anymore, You are required to bring your ID cards, Passports any Identification card you have in your possession will be destroyed by the Foundation. A foundation member will be at your door at 7:30 in the morning. get ready for your new life

Sincerely Dr. [REDACTED]

March 19 2009:

The same man knocked on my door again this morning and asked me: "Have you packed your stuff sir" "Yep.. I'm ready to go.." "Alright please step outside we need to do some checks" As he said that a couple of other guys went inside my apartment and searched for something..

"Hey what are you looking for!" "Classified sir" "Tell me!" "Again sir that is classified" "Aha!" he seemed to find something in my kitchen, It was my passport.. he took his gun out and shot it. mind you his gun had a silencer on it so it didn't wake the neighbors "Alright sir". he said as he took off his shades " My name is Dr. Drago come with me" I complied as we walked down the stairs I couldn't help but think I know this guy from somewhere. But I shrugged it off and went with them. They made me get in the van that said S.C. Plastics. We drove for several hours until we reached the middle of nowhere..or so I thought

In the distance I saw a large building that turned into two. We stopped at the entrance and this weird army guy walked up to Drago and asked him does he have level 2 clearance. He showed this yellow card and they let us in. We walked in thought the front doors and that same thing S.C. Plastics came about but they told me "to go down that elevator and turn right and I should be at Dr. Spunky's office" Whoever this Spunky guy was. I proceeded down the hall until I reached his office. I knocked on the door and he told me to come in

I stepped in..and I must say the room was pretty clean.. He started to talk to me in a stern voice "So..your the new recruit I assume?" I remained silent "Well speak up man" I spoke up..I really didn't want this guy angry "Uhhmm hello, my name is-" He cut me short "I know who you are Hudson." "Wait what?" "Hush, alright I've got a few questions for you Hudson " He proceeded to ask about my personnel information and then he turned around and thought about it about 30 seconds later he turned around again "Alright Hudson..welcome to the team" "Wait what..did..did I get the job?!" I was pretty exited "Yeah you did you will be my assistant researcher" "Yes!" I cheered but It was short lived "You will also be working with Dr. Woods over here".

"Who now!" I questioned "Well..well..well Connor!" "Oh shit!" I shouted "Still have that scar you little bitch!" "Woods take..Hudson here for a tour.. And don't go into Heavy Containment without my permission!" "Yeah sure sir.." "Now come.." He said as his eyes looked at me. I got a really bad feeling in my stomach from being around my bully from Elementary "Well I thought I'd never see your ugly face again Connor." "Don't push it asshole" I glared at him full of rage for what that bastard did to me "Ohh..ho ho! finally fighting back..took you 20 years!" He continued to laugh until I had enough.

I pinned him against the wall, He struggled to get out "Listen here asshole! I was ten years you honestly think I still have that strength?" "I-I uhh" He stuttered "Becuase of you.. I trained for days..months..even years..So I want to say thank you" I said as I let him go.

The chokes on the floor reminding him I not the one to be fucked with in this and that Spunky guy, We walked for a long time until we reached a room with a sign at the top saying "Dr. Hudson" " guys do this for All your new recruits"? "No.... first of all, you need to be in a 'Research Team' Which is not so easy getting into.. But because your dad was in the Foundation and In 'Research Team 118' You get in free" "What one are you in "Team Bravo 9 top floor" Then why am I working with Spunky and you"? Because I only arrived a week ago and for.. the time being you'll be here... But If you pass you get chosen by the leaders of the Research Teams" "And who is it this time?" "I think Doctor; Colms, Gears, Ketchup.

March 20 2009:

I awoke in my room to find that a note has been left on my desk. My curiosity got the best of me and I went to inspect it. It read:

Dear Mr Hudson,

I am..well you'll soon find out, I congratulate you on your job at the SCP Foundation. Let me ask you one thing: How well do you know what you are dealing with, the people you are speaking to? Does it not occur to you that these 'People' you call friends, allies, brothers are vicious murderers only using you to keep away secrets that you have no control of. I am well aware you have only been among these 'People' for 24 hours, maybe more. I am offering you a chance of a lifetime: Join OUR Foundation and we will make sure you are not used for your abilities. Trust me, Not them.

Sincerely, A friend.

I walked out of my office scratching my head to find Dr. Woods roaming the halls. I quickly ran up to him. "Hey..Woods I got a note from somebody.." "Hmm let me take a look" He read it, he was not pleased. He ripped it up into pieces "Where..the..FUCK DID YOU GET THIS!" "It-it was on my desk..and WHY THE HELL DID YOU DESTROY IT!?" "Because those people can't be trusted, they did the same shit to me!" "Who are they?" He spoke three words..three words that will echo in my mind forever: "The Chaos Insurgency."

March 25 2009:

Today the team leaders pick out who they want, so today at 12:30 My name and a couple of other names where called on the loudspeaker. I walked to where they wanted me to go. I lined up and the O5 introduced the leaders: "Dr. Ketchup" followed by an applause "Dr. Gears" Followed by applause "And Dr. Colms" Followed by a really big applause.

"Dr. Colms you may now pick out 3 candidates" Colms stepped up to the podium and gave a really long speech "Today, the people I pick, represent themselves. Tomorrow they represent Team 7. I can never remember the first time I came to the Foundation. But only six days ago you where strangers, nobodies and possible drug dealers" Followed by laughter "But are in the greatest government organisation ever devised by such a mind, I will choose my first Candidate: I choose....Dr. Woods!" Followed by applause

"My next candidate I pick has worked with me for nearly 10 months, I pick "Dr. Larvine!" Followed by applause. Dr. Larvine was the prettiest woman I'd ever seen. She had a..that face!. "My next candidate is..well aquainted with the Foundation, Most of us have had parents who..we never got to see, This person I pick has never seen his father because he was in the Foundation" I swear..every.single.eye was looking directly at me even Larvine who was smiling "My next candidate is Dr..." He paused "Hudson!" "Ahh what!" I said to myself I walked up to the front. Everything was silent. I overheard the O5s I walked by saying: "Is that really HIS son? He looks a lot like him" Dr. Colms congratulated me "Welcome to the club boy." He said.

April 16 2009:

It's been a month since I've been in the Foundation. Research Team 7 had a meeting yesterday. Something about us moving site..I really have no idea why. The leader of or 'Team' Dr. Colms said we might be moving to Site 40-2. He also said that I'm getting moved to another team.. The rest of research team 7 will be going, because I'm level 1 I have to stay at Site 11, guess I can't be trusted with the SCPs at Site 40-2..but anyway I digress. So the team are packing their stuff and they should be moving tomorrow. Dr. Scruffy said I'm joining a new team. Research Team Charlie or (Listeners)

May 14 2009

The guys at Team Listeners are okay..I guess but we got assigned a new task at Site 12-b. Which is where SCP 106 is kept. The debriefing begins tonight so..I best get ready.

The debriefing stated that each member of Listeners are to be the 'forerunners' of a new Operation in the Foundation. Six Research teams from different sites; Site 12, Site 45, Area 19 and of course Site 11, They said that this is also the largest scale operation that we have ever pulled off on a SCP such as 106..

After the two month long project we return to our origional sites and SCP 106 is being moved..

June 2 2009

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