Note: Dr. Beryli, kindly stop with the humorous edits. This site is being used more and more, and your versions are unfit to be featured in a site growing in official popularity. -Ex O5-2



Security Clearance Level: Level-2 (Before Termination)




Dr. Parkswood in general, is a human being, yet an unknown species from the [REDACTED] Orphenix, a species that has been invaded the universe [REDACTED], [DATA EXPUNGED], Dr. Parkswood is a harmless Orphenix species, which means he could be nice, He is sometimes aggressive, and he is cheerful, joyful, and sometimes could be silly, He researches Euclid and Keter and even Safe SCP's, He is currently working and researching at Site-40. Dr. Parkswood is also known to possess superstrength, After the 455 incident, he went insane and chased after Dr. J.J Dragon, slashing his arteries, and biting his jaw open.

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