[Considering on remaking this story]

It was 8:24 PM, and Mr. ██ Drago was driving home from work, until he ran out of gas. Knowing that he was where there is no sign of civilization, he had to search for the nearest town, so he popped out his phone out of his pocket and searched for any nearby towns, there was in fact one near his current location, but there was a roadblock, so the only way he could reach there was going through a forest. As he used his phone's flashlight to guide his way into the dark forest, he heard a familiar loud roar. The loud roar soon was followed by a voice on an intercom "SCP-682 just broke out at Gate B. I want all available helicopters and MTF units at Gate B now. I repeat: SCP-682 is out of the facility, all available helicopters and MTF units to Gate B now.". Mr. Drago was curious what was going on, so he sprinted to the scene, he then discovered a huge facility known as Site-██. He stared at it, soon realizing that this was the exact same location he seen years ago as a child. He was scarred after he entered the place during a lockdown

Mr. Drago then encountered a giant beast as known as SCP-682 or, The-Hard-To-Destroy-Reptile. "'s you again." Drago mumbled under his breath. It was focusing on a group of soldiers wearing orange and black armor welding P90s. As Mr. Drago watched half of them get devoured, there was a corpse next to him, he searched the body and found a P90. As he grabbed the sub-machine gun for defense, he could not believe that he saw a huge reptile that looks identical to a dinosaur type creature. He used to like reptiles, but not in this type of way. Before he could think about it, the reptile turned around and noticed Mr. Drago, it then soon rushed towards him. Mr. Drago, quickly thinking a way to stop it from devouring him, decided to aim at the nearby explosive barrel around the reptile's legs. Though Drago never used a P90, his aim was still pretty good, he shot the explosives which slowed 682 down, and then he ran..Then, the same voice from before was heard again "We are detonating the Warhead Silo under T-Minus 90 seconds, all personnel are advised to board the nearest helicopter or flash shelter immediately".Mr. Drago instantly searched for the nearest helicopter and soon enough, he found one. But before he could aboard it,he felt a burning sensation down his left leg. Mr. Drago collapsed and then his vision blurred out after hearing a voice say "You're coming with us..."

Blacking out minutes later after the explosion, he woke up inside a transportation truck. His legs were strapped with chains to the row of platform along with five other men wearing matching orange jumpsuits. He could see a man up in front wearing a white undershirt, black armor covering his main bone structure and a helmet covering his face. He was guarding the back area of the truck, equiped with a P90. He watched closely at each of the men, just in case they would do something suspicious. "Where the hell am I?!" demanded Drago. "Welcome to hell." replied the guard in a sarcastic tone.

"How did I get here?"

He pulls out a document from a compartment of files. "Drago, trespassing into a location without authorization. Penalty, serving one month at Site-42 as a Class-D."

"What?! All I wanted was some fucking gas to refill my car!"

"Your problem, not mine."

Drago eyed around his surroundings, he saw a man in a white uniform sitting down next to him, sipping a can of soda, with dark black eyes with a scar across one of them. He had a mysterious black mask, hiding his face beneath. He slurped the soda by pulling the mask halfway up, hiding everything else above his mouth. He pulled the mask down over his mouth as he threw the can down the road and glanced at Drago. "Look at me a little bit more." said the man noticing Drago's eye contact towards him, and he pulled out a bloody knife. "I dare you." His dark eyes intensified, gazing at Drago. "Uh," pausing to think up with a reasonable answer, wary of the possible physco. "A world of pain, right 'ere in my pocket." The masked man slid the knife back into a pocket on his all-white uniform. Drago stared back in several emotions, frustration and fear.

"Who do you think you are, eh? Some jerk that can go around threaten people with their knives?"

The man paused, he seemed like he was pissed. He shoved Drago into the wall behind him, then grabbed him up by the throat, and snatched the knife out again. The guard looked up and shouted, "Hey! Calm it down, Malfrous!" Ignoring him, Malfrous told Drago "Now, I don't think you should be messing around me. I've been to some serious shit, and you aren't helping it."

"Yeah, sure and pushing me against a wall and holding a knife like a psychopath is helping."

Malfrous growled, and was in stabbing position. Before he could impale the blade into Drago, several guards came from behind him and grabbed him. He grunted and placed the knife back into his pocket once more, and they let go of him. "Alright Malfrous, I don't want to see that knife out again in this truck or else..." Drago snickered until Malfrous glared at him, he knew that he was mad.

Still curious of where they were going, the truck stopped, the back gate opened and the light of the sun illuminated the entrance around them. There was a man with the same uniform as the one guarding the truck. "Alright, step out of the truck!" ordered the man. Drago hesitated, until the guard from behind struck Drago's back with a P90. "Didn't you hear him? Move it!" The guard shouted. Drago continued to move foward along with the other Class-Ds in a single filed line. They went through the tunnels leading to a large, rusty gate with a sign above it, 'GATE B', and reached into the elevators. It was fairly cramped in the small room, but all of them fitted inside as they were taken down into the underground facility. After the long walk through the facility, they finally reached to the Light Containment Zone. "This place is huge..." Drago said gazing around the place. "Yeah, no shit." The masked man said, his knife in hand. "Don't do anything funny, Cheeto-men."

"All I said was that is was massive. You don't have to be a dick about it."

The masked man held up his knife and held it underneath Drago's chin. "Shhhh." The masked man said and put his knife back into his pocket.

"Easy, Malfrous. We're here." replied the guard. He opened a door leading into a hallway, cell doors lining the walls. "Why look so surprised? You think you were personally invited to a Cheeto party?" Malfrous mocked, poking a man's orange jumpsuit. "Man, I need myself some Cheetos." He laughed. He then pushed them one by one into each of the cells. "Hey! Wait-" Drago said before getting shoved into the cell. "Get me the fuck out of here!" shouted Drago as he banged on the door with his fist. "You want your 'fuck' out? There's a toilet seat in there!" Shouted a voice, belonging to the masked man. It was pointless, he then laid down on the bed, hard as stone. There was a orange uniform on the bed, he was required to put it on so he did, he then saw a slip of paper by the table near the sink. He picked it up and read through it, "Orientation Leaflet for the Class D Personnel". He placed the paper back and wondered if this was even legal. "This is going to be one long month." sighed Drago.

Several of weeks later, Drago sat on his bed. Usually, he didn't like be contained in small spaces, but now he's used to it after the hard crude weeks of torture. He was covered in wounds, but yet still alive. Each day, he sat in his cell for hours until his lunch break, though the grub tastes horrible, he still needed to not starve to death. Sometimes, if he was lucky...or unlucky, he was tested by Personnel. He didn't like the tests, due to the fact that he's always in the risk of dying. Drago got up from his bed to wash up his face, until the door opened. He thought, "Wait, it's too early to be having lunch at this time...". He was greeted with Malfrous accompanied with a guard beside him, there was a row of about four Class Ds in a single filed line behind them. "We have a special test for your last few days." sneered the masked man.

Drago and the other D-Classes walked through the corridors of Site 42. He didn't like the way Malfrous said "special". Not knowing what his fate would end with, they stopped in front of the chamber. Malfrous and the guard stood above them on the catwalk, the masked man entered a room near it after it was opened by a mysterious figure with a bluish keycard. The guard stood up straight with a P90 on him, he was soon joined by two other guards. "Why do they need that much guards? What's so dangerous about this beast and why does it require a blue keycard unlike the other warm colored keycards?" wondered Drago. He stopped thinking after he heard the horrifying roar of the beast that he recognized. They opened up the first gate and instructed the Class Ds to enter, Drago was frozen in fear until one of the guards pushed him in. The previous gate was shut after they got in, then the next one opened. Inside in the chamber, was Six-Eight-Two. Drago developed a fear of the monster after past experiences, it's almost like the reptile connected to his life. Drago tried banging on the door to notify that he was going to be killed. After his attempts, he looked back after hearing the screams of the other D-Classes, one of them was being dragged away and eaten, another one being flung up to the roof and was sent back down, chomped by the beast. Behind the glass, Malfrous sat there munching on a snack watching the torture.

"Hahah! This is hilarious!" Malfrous said after shoving a handful of Cheetos up his mouth. "You have one hell of a messed up mind." replied the man aside him. Suddenly, one of the gates opened, followed by the other. The three guards moved down to check up with the problem. 682 looked into them with it's multiple yellow glowing eyes. The men fired at it, shortly after being devoured. Malfrous placed down the bag of chips and went down to see for himself, until the gates closed.

"Is this some practical joke?!" shouted Malfrous. "There's three dead men on the floor. Yeah, sure. This is all just a big gag." replied Drago. The masked man growled and pinned Drago into the wall. "I'm the one making the sarcastic jokes, got it Cheetoman?". He released him and turned around, watching the two other test subjects be consumed. The lights flickered and then went out, then on again. 682 slowly got closer to the two men.

A man went toward SCP-682's chamber to check up with the commotion. He went into the control room and stared into the glass. He recongized one of them and then shouted. "Wait, hold a second. That's Drago's kid!" "Who the hell was Drago?" replied the mysterious figure watching through the glass.

"Drago onced worked here, but he suffered a horrible death. He was formely a Head Researcher in the Scientific Department. I was a good friend of his, but once he mentioned his son." explained sluggish man


"Well get him the hell out of there!"

The gate opened up and then the man got down and yelled at Drago to get out. "Dr. █████ Link?" asked Drago reconizing him. Drago looked back while Malfrous stood there in fear, the lights were flickering while the gates were slowly closing. "Go, Drago..." said Malfrous looking toward Drago. "Wait, did you just call me by my actual name?" replied Drago.

"That doesn't matter right now, just leave before the gates close!"

"But what about you?!"

"Don't worry about me, I'll find a way out!"

Drago saluted to Malfrous before running toward the exit. "And never look back!" shouted Malfrous, having a terrible flashback of a time he wished he forgot. He saw his father next to him, then Malfrous turned back to look at the reptile, it was close to him as ever. "Come at me, you overgrown Kermit!" The lights were malfunctioning once again, "Let's dance...!" shouted Malfrous before the lights went completely off. The lizard searched around for the masked man, until the gates opened and there stood a squad of Mobile Task Force. They provided a distraction for Malfrous to run, so soon after recontaining 682, Malfrous was alive to see another day.

A week later, Dr. Link stood infront of Drago's apartment, he handed him a clipboard and pen. "Care to continue your family's heritage?" he asked. Drago signed the papers and gave him back the clipboard, "You made a good decision" he replied after taking the clipboard. Malfrous stood behind him, he kicked a box toward him. "You know too much about us to let you go, Drago." Malfrous said. Drago opened it and inside it was a white collared uniform with a tag on it labeling "Dr. Drago, Level-1 Clearance." with a yellow level-1 key card.

"You're coming with us."


"Welcome, to the Foundation."