Project isolated. Heh, get it?

"I was only seven years old when this happened, I was cold and alone...within the darkness of the facility, the only light source provided for me was a flashlight. The sounds of the blaring alarms during the lockdown gave me a headache. All I could think of was a way to escape this living hell...I was isolated."

-Doctor Drago


It was a bright Saturday morning, Young Drago was awoken by the flash of sunlight, he was excited because today was the day, "National Bring Your Child to Work Day". Though his mother did not have the most fascinating job in the entire world, he was still glad that he could spend some time with his mom for once. After he was finished doing his regular morning routines, he rushed downstairs. Drago's mother was sitting near the coffee-table drinking her cup of tea for the morning, "Are we going, are we going?" Drago repeated eagerly. She was silent for several seconds before sipping her tea. He stood there, staring at her desperately waiting for a reply. "Sorry kiddo, I have to type in this large paperwork that is due today, and I can't have any...interruptions." It was clear that she didn't want Drago to tag along with her because he would be a distraction. "But-... Who is going to take care me?" whimpered the child. 

"Perhaps your brother or sister could." She glared at his siblings, his sister, Ruby, was on the phone, carelessly talking to one of her friends. She stared back at her mother, and knew that look, so she hung up and said that she told them that she was going to visit a friend's house, Drago ran up to her and whined, "But I don't want to be left with my brother...he picks on me!" She looked down at his depressing face and replied, "C'mon cheer up, I'll be back in a few hours or so." She smiled at him and left. Drago's mother called out his brother, Drago could hear them speaking in the distance. "Alright, I'm going to need you to take care of Red for me." His brother started to complain, "Seriously? I'm hanging out with some friends tonight!", "I don't care, if you're going out, just bring him along with you." She then offered him some cash, he accepted the offer and she went out the door, waving them goodbye and drove to work.

"Alright porcupine, we're heading to-." Red interrupted, "Hey! Don't call me that!" His brother groaned, "Whatever, let's just head out." They both walked outside and were met by his brother's friends sitting in a van, one of them spoke. "Hey Crimson, we're ready to go! Come on in!". "Mommy said not to go into vans..." mumbled Red, "Yeah sure- let's just go." replied Crimson dragging Red into the van, "No! Let me go, I don't want free candy!" whined Red struggling his way to escape. "Hey, who's this?" questioned one of the teenagers in the back of the van with them. "Just my bratty little brother, my mom's paying me ten pounds (£) just to take care of him for one night." "Sweet." The driver started up the engine and drove throughout the streets of Birmingham. After several minutes of driving, they halted by a road near a dark forest.

The group stepped out of the car, the sky was being slowly consumed by the night. The driver, Bryce, slid a small crate toward them, containing equipment such as flashlights, walky-talkies, or portable cameras. Each of them grabbed their own, Red was only left with a flashlight that was low on batteries. The five teenagers began to enter into the woods welding their lanterns. Red lagged behind trying to catch up with the pace, he was a short of breath as soon as they all froze into a complete stop. "Hey- Why are we stopping." Red said before bumping into one of them, they all gazed toward the colossal site. "Wow, is this like some sort of secret base?" questioned Red in amazement. "I guess you could say it like that." replied Crimson, "But why are we going inside?" 

"We're here to pay our old man a little visit."