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The following events are based on the event that occured in Site 24-2.

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"Good morning." A voice echoed as the light flood inside the cell, the door opening slowly as the Class D raised his hand over his eyes, shielding himself. The Class D blinked and wiped at his eyes, and looked at the figure before him. A tall man in a lab coat, holding a clipboard, and staring down at him from a dark mask. Standing next to him was a man with sharp pointed hair, with a smirk slapped onto his pale face, his arms crossed. Next to him was a woman with a menacing frown, holding a large gun of the likes the D never seen.

"You will be classified as D-209." The masked one said, writing down something on his clipboard. "Repeat." The masked one said. The D sputtered. "D...D..D-209." The one with the odd hair chuckled. The woman frowned onto the sharp-haired one. "Go easy on him, Drago." She said, reloading the weapon. "She was shipped in three days ago. We never let him out until he got shipped in. Cut him some slack." She muttered. "Don't tell me what to do, Wyvern." mumbled Drago.

The D stepped out, and was overwhelmed by the bright light. "What do you say, Malfrous?" 'Drago' said, looking at the masked one. "Do we dump him and get another one?" Drago said. Malfrous laughed. "Clueless. The way I like them. Perfect." Malfrous said. "209, if you would please." The masked one gestured for the D to come with him, as the three scientists walked off. "W...where am I going?" He asked. Wyvern smiled. "You're right, Malfrous, clueless is good."



The D stepped into a large cell, where a large canister sat in the back. It was covered by a lid, with smoke seeping from beneath it. On the other side of the room was a wall of glass, where the three scientists stood. Malfrous held a microphone to his mouth and spoke. "209, please make contact with SCP-008." The voice was fed into the room by speakers hidden in the corners of the cell.

The D hesitated, but approached the canister. Wyvern held the weapon closer to herself. Drago seemed to be nervous. Malfrous was vigorously writing on his clipboard. The lid slammed open, and the smoke seeped from the hole within the canister. The smoke wrapped around 209. 209 began to cough and wheeze. 209 could no longer see the doctors, only smoke. The smoke faded enough for 209 to see the source. The canister stood there. 209 felt the need to approach it. So he did. And he smashed his fist into the canister. Then, pain. A sharp sting. He fell back. The lid slammed shut. The smoke faded. 209 fell to the floor and groaned. The doctors watched as 209 yelled in pain.

Wyvern laid her finger on the trigger. Drago stared. Malfrous laid down his clipboard and watched. 209 stared back at the doctors. The doctors felt nothing as 209's vision went black and his head slumped to the floor as a thud echoed the room.



Outside of a containment cell stood a bold, tall man wearing a suit. He shielded his unrecognizable face with the tip of his dark fedora as he slid his key card through the slot. The old monitor infront of him booted up, it shined against the ominous figure. The man gently typed in random keys into the keyboard facing the monitor. The monitor displayed a face. A distorted one, that seemed to be locked in a disturbing smile. There was a terrible groaning sound, distorted, and terrible robotic moaning.

"You know who I am." The man said. The distorted sound suddenly stopped, replaced by a cold and monotone voice. "Yes." The machine seemed to say, though the face displayed on the monitor did not move. Just stared at the man with white blank eyes. "But why." It said. The man looked behind the shoulder at the gate behind him. "My time is limited." He said. "I make an offer for you." The man said. He pulled his fedora down, shielding his face with shadow. "You know where it was." He growled ."You know where it is now."

There was a terrible distorted sound. Most likely a laugh coming from the machine. "Y o u d w e l l i n t h e p a s t. That event happened many years ago." The machine made the laugh again. "Free me from the Foundation's shackles and I will tell you where the dreaded anomaly went." The machine said. The man smirked under the fedora. "Open your command system." He said. A blank box appeared in front of the machines face. The man typed in multiple commands, and there was a loud laugh that echoed throughout the system, and indecipherable groaning. The lights began to flicker and creaking screamed throughout the Site 24-2. "Now, tell me where it is." The man said. "Tell me now or I pull the plug." He growled.

"Too late for that now, f r i e n d." The machine droned on. The man sputtered. "What about the deal?" He asked. The machine made the laugh again. "Deals are the offspring of failure in war, my friend." The old monitor said. "And I won't l o s e t o m e n o f t h e l i k e s o f y o u e v e r a g a i n." The man, in anger, smashed the screen of the monitor with his bare fist. Then, the machines face appeared on a screen in the corner of the room.

"I am part of this Site now. I am free. All thanks to you. I absolutely d o n o t owe you." Then there was terrible screaming, and the room went dark.



The lights began to fade out. 209 began to groan in agony as his vision turned a tint of green. The doctors were more concerned about the power outage rather than the test subject himself, "The hell happened with the lights?" Drago said, leaning back against the wall. There was a sudden crash. Wyvern held her gun in the air and aimed at the window. The smoke cleared out, and 209 was nowhere to be seen. They all let out a sigh of relief before exiting the room, Malfrous stayed behind for a few seconds, picking up his clipboard. He stared back at the shattered glass and something was missing, the corpse. 209 had strangely disappeared out of thin air. Samuel shook his head in disbelief and wondered if his eyes were playing tricks on him again.



D-209 was now a mere thing of the past, he is now reffered to as Patient Zero. The rumbling of the ceiling could be heard as two men walked passed a containment chamber. "Electricity is angry." mumbled the one wearing a bright orange cone over his head. Comets and Chowder had recently gone over a test on SCP-173 before the gates had shutted lock, as well of the power going offline. As of now, they were returning the test subjects back to their proper place. The thumping above them became louder to then be ended by a loud crash. Followed by that was unsettling screams, Chowder pulled out a pistol and shined the hallway with the attached light. For being a Recruit in the Security Department, he isn't much of a good shooter. In fact, both of the men are quite new to the Foundation as these have been their first few months of being in the organization. Aside from that, they have been doing well in the previous weeks.

"What was that?" Chowder said. "Well, it must be a-" Comet tried to reply with a pun, but Chowder barked at him to stop. "Shut up, moron... I don't think this is electricity anymore..." Chowder raised a gun to the ceiling. "And who are you to bark out orders, huh, Clam Chowder?" Comets spat. Chowder spun around and faced Comets. "I might not be much of a shot, but hell, my brain is bigger than your pun-infested pea." Chowder growled. Comets dropped his gun and socked Chowder against the face.



Chowder stumbled back in disbelief. Chowder threw his pistol to the floor and cracked his knuckles. Suddenly, Chowder threw a fist into Comets gut and kicked Comet in the face. Comet fell to the floor, but instantly raised, sending another blow towards Chowder's face. Chowder ducked, and punched Comet once more in the groin.

The D's watched them fight. The three men in orange jumpsuits glanced at eachother, then sneered.

Comet raised a pistol to Chowders head. "Stop this. Now." He hissed. Chowder eased himself and put his fist down. "You're right. We have better things to do." Chowder said. Comet wiped his palm against his bleeding nose. Chowder chuckled. "Sorry about that." Comet smirked. "Whaaat? You punch like a baby." They both laughed amongst themselves, then a scream rang out.



The laughing stopped, and Comet looked to his right. A door had been opened, and the D's were no where to be found. "That way!" Comet yelled and ran down the corridor, only to be stopped by the sight of three corpses in orange, bloodstained jumpsuits.

"...That ain't good." Comets muttered, and suddenly, the corpses began to twitch. One of the corpses heads cocked up, eyes bloodshot and teeth bloodstained. The corpse slowly rose up, and growled. The skin of the corpses were a pale green, and their eyes were filled with hunger and anger.

"Is that...?" Chowder whispered, in fear.

All the corpses rose, and they all groaned. The three corpses raised their arms in front of them, and slowly lumbered toward the two frightened scientists. Chowder's attention was brought to the ceiling. Above them was a hole in the wall, the vents. Something had jumped down from it.

Patient Zero.



Malfrous followed Drago down the hall. Wyvern had pushed off to somewhere else, about to report to the others. The two found themselves in the Euclid CZ exit. Malfrous slid his card into the slot and the gate creaked open.

"Where are you going?" Drago asked Malfrous. Malfrous stopped and turned around. "Cup of coffee." He muttered, and walked off.

Drago sighed and was about to follow Malfrous, unaware of the breach until his radio buzzed to life. Cut-off voices speaking at once. Drago set his radio to Security Personnel only, and heard a man barking orders at different teams of Security personnel. "Two doctors encountered an 008-2 instance. We lost contact from them 2 minutes ago. Their last stated position was near the SCP 009 cell. I need two units to dispatch there immediately." The man said. Drago could hear Wyverns voice cutting in.

"I'll go." A male voice Drago did not recognize spoke up. "I'll go with her." More voices said there were willing to do it, but the man picked only Wyvern and the man who spoke second. "Please report any other 008-2 instances and report your current location." The man said. A scrawny voice replied, "I suggest we pass this information to the other on-site personnel." Grumbling. The man spoke up once more. "No. We don't need chaos here. We'll deal with this before anyone knows. As of now, lock down the Euclid entrance. Three guards will be posted there, at the least. " The man stopped for breath.

"If any personnel are still in the Euclid containment zone, please evacuate them into the entrance or Safe zone. They don't need info on the current event." Another stop. "Alright. Get to it." The radio went silent as Drago reached the 009 cell block

. "Drago!" A voice hissed. Wyvern and a man in shades stood on the other end of the hallway. "You weren't given orders to come here." She said. Drago sighed. "I just happened to be strolling in this direction, and, bam, here I am." He said in reply. Wyvern made a frustrated grunt. "Just, get out of here. Understa-" She was cut off by a crash. Then, gunfire. Two voices were heard from behind Wyvern and the man.



"Is that...?" Wyvern spun around. "Comets and Chowder." The man said. They both rushed towards the direction of the screaming. Drago followed, only to stop as he passed the hallway. Down the other corridor was Comets and Chowder, backed turn, spraying shadow-covered figures in front of them as they backed away slowly. "Comets! Chowder!" Wyvern yelled. "Move - out - of - the - way!" The two stepped away as Wyvern held the large gun forwards, and pulled the trigger.

The gun hummed slowly, and suddenly, bullets sprayed from it in clusters at rapid speeds down the corridor. The hallway was radiated with yellow light with the echoing of the gun's roar bouncing off the corridor's walls.

Wyvern took her finger off the trigger and laid the gun down. At the end of the corridor lied three green corpses in tattered orange jumpsuits, with bullet holes through each of their bodies. Wyvern spoke into her radio. "008-2 instances terminated. I think we're clear. Victims seemed to be 3 D-class..." Wyvern turned her radio off and shot a look at Drago. "That was your fault, wasn't it?"



Drago nervously chuckled, but was cut off by thumping in the roof. The group of five looked up. Comets and Chowder glanced at eachother. "Forgot to, uh, mention this." Comets said. "I think one of them is in the roof."

The man in shades stared. "We're underground, smartass."

Comets sputtered to reply, but made out atleast one sentence. "I-in the vents...."

Chowder nodded. "It's true. It... it must have jumped from the vents and gotten to those...D-Class... and found a way back up again..."

Wyvern sighed. "Sounds like a bunch of shit to me."

Drago coughed. "Well, let's just hope grandpa Zero doesn't go to fa-" A figure suddenly ran in, huffing and puffing.

A man in a mask was hunched over, his coat stained with brown liquid. Coffee. "I soon as I could!" Malfrous wheezed. He then spit out more coffee onto the metal floor.

"How the hell do you know?" Drago asked.

"I overheard a stupid Security unit that had the radio on full volume and blast the conversation in the cafeteria."

"Shit." Wyvern muttered.

Then, there was growling and more thumping, but it got faint as the seconds went by. "...It's moving on." Comets whispered.





Is this punishment for what I've done

Is what they did to me enough

. . .



Hunger plagues what's left

Hunger of what

Is it the fate of those around me

That seal mine

Is it the men that do not realize their consciousness is temporary when they simply run out of time

. . .



My time is short

I must find allies

Allies in war

Even then


I will live on

I will not

become zero



Malfrous still eyed Wyvern's gun. Drago groaned as the party of now six marched around, searching the area. "Remember what happened when you laid your hand on a gun?" Drago sighed. Malfrous snapped out of his trance and glanced at Drago. "No." Malfrous looked confused. Comets chuckled. "You should have known Drago, the guy's always drunks when things go bad." Comets mocked. Malfrous growled.

"Shut up," The man in shades said. "Huh, and who are you to say that?" Chowder said. "Agent Renolds." The man, Renolds, said. "Agent Renolds, huh? And who are you? The guy who doesn't look at explosions?" Malfrous asked. "No. He's the best gun that was available in this sector." Wyvern said. "Besides," Wyvern coughed. "Me."

Drago snorted.

"Odd," Comets randomly cut in. "The thumping sound is gone." Comets scratched his chin. "Wyvern over here scared him off, now he can be anywhere." Drago said. "But anywhere is definitely not here. Wherever it is, it's not in the Euclid zone. We should head back to the containment zone."

"In that case, we better report to Vanks." Renolds said, and raised his radio to his mouth. "Sir, do you copy." He said. They all paused, waiting for an answer.


"Sir, I repeat, do you copy?"

. . .


. . .

Renolds growled and threw his radio onto the floor, allowing it to shatter into pieces. Wyvern tried hers.

"Agent Vanks, do you read?" She said.

. . .

"Something isn't right." She muttered, sliding her radio back into her pocket. Suddenly, the radio cackled to life.

"Does anyo- -ead? Do- -opy? Hello? I rep - -oes anyone copy?" It was a scrawny voice. The same one from earlier.

Wyvern paused for a bit. She raised the radio to her mouth again. "I copy." She said.

"Thank Go- -ts your name?"

Wyvern spoke again. "Wyvern. I'm with Dr. Comets, Drago, Chowder, and Malfrous. Agent Renolds is here as well." She said.

"Plea- -end help! Multip- oh-Eight instances near the - -orridor!" The boy seemed to have a distressed tone in his voice now.

"I think the- -oh Shi- -eaking through!" The boy was nearly screaming.

Wyvern spoke again, clearly. "Repeat your location. Remain calm." She said.

"By the D-cla- -orridor! I've locked myself withi- -ain cell block! There' many of them....Arou- -of them! Oh Shi- - One got his claw th- - door! O...oh Go... Stay - aw - -N- -AA-"


Then, gone.

"D-Class cell block." Comets repeated. "Quick!" He yelled, and rushed off into the other direction.

"Who ya gonna call?" Screamed Malfrous and ran after Comets. "We're dead." Chowder said, and the rest followed after the two.



Comets reached to the end of the intersection, he leaned back against the wall to catch his breath from exhaustion. Malfrous had caught up to him, followed by the rest of the group. "It's..." Half of the words that Comets uttered were pure wheezing, "Up there..." Comets said, breathing heavily while pointing toward the maintenance tunnels. Thuds were heard from behind the gate, it was getting dented at each second. Wyvern held her hand up to let the signal for them to stay where they are, she pulled out her weapon and held her finger near the trigger.

The others stood there, silent. A disturbing creaking sound, the gates had snapped opened. They burst out and a wave of walkers came rushing out. "Shitshitshit!" screamed Malfrous, pulling out a blade from his pocket. One particular corpse charged at him violently, Malfrous reacted quickly enough to jab the knife to it's skull as he backed up. While Comets was backing up, he was as well pounced on by the undead. Unlike Malfrous, Comets did not have any reliable weapons on him,

Comets jumped around in fear, screaming. An infected jumped from the crowd and lunged for Comets. Chowder suddenly jumped out of nowhere, covering Comets with his own body. The walker scratched at Chowder's face, and Chowder let out a scream of pain. Malfrous rushed in and stabbed it multiple times in the back, allowing it to fall to the floor. Chowder fell on his bottom and groaned.

The remaining 008-2 instances were dead.

The group put down their weapons and turned their attention to Chowder. "Will he be okay?" Comets asked. "I'll be fine." Chowder said, putting a hand over his forehead.

Renolds slid a pistol into his back pocket. "Our main priority now is to find a medical officer." Renolds said blankly, taking off his shades, revealing dark lime eyes, stern and serious.

"I said I'm fine!" Chowder growled, aggressively.

"It's getting to his head." Drago said.

Chowder was yelling. "I don't need you to care for me!"

Comets eyed Chowder, full of concern.

Chowder stood. "We...we need to save the others, don't stop for me!" Chowder hissed and walked toward the Safe zone.




Freedom is ever so closer

To enslave is to free myself

But will it work

. . .



I will live on

I will not

Become zero


. . .

The party found themselves in the maintenance tunnels, the light of their flashlights bouncing off the walls, searching for danger in the darkest shadows. The eerie ambiance of the tunnels unsettled the group as they headed for the elevator leading to the D-Class cell block.

Chowder was limping, but still found himself leading the group at the front. He could only feel pain. Pain in his head. his vision was dizzy. His judgement was clouded by only anger.

But he'd still make it.

He wouldn't become zero .

Chowder fell over 5 feet from the elavator. Comets rushed to lift him up on his shoulders, and they continued forth. They all cramped inside the lift as a metallic whir brought them back to Site ground.

The elevator door creaked open.

What they saw through a mere crack in the doorway unsettled them.

A corpse of a security guard, scratches on his helmet and army, his riot shield stained with blood, his gun tossed to the other side of the room.

Green corpses of orange tattered clothing lay nearby, in an ominous pile.

The door, the D-Class cell block entrance, was missing half of itself. Malfrous found the other half on the other side of the hallway.

"Shit." Wyvern muttered.

"Shit is right." Renolds said, raising a gun. They peeked through the hole in the door.

Nothing but dark, and the power outage was not helping.

Suddenly, a blood stained claw shot from the hole and groped for Renolds face. The claw ripped Renolds shades off. The claw then attempted to scratch at Renolds face, but he was pulled back by Wyvern, with slight worry on her usual stern face. "Renolds a-ar-" The room stared at her. Wyvern stuttered. "Renolds, you, uh, idiot! Get on your feet!" She barked, halfheartedly, however.

Suddenly, there was a terrible croaking sound, then static.

Indecipherable language, and suddenly, the door flew open, and two 008-2 instances jumped out. They wore blooded SCP labcoats, their faces torn and scarred, flesh hanging off areas all over their faces, eyeballs protruding - or could not be found in their rightful sockets.

"Shit!" Malfrous screamed as he swiped his knife multiple times at an 008-2. No avail. The walker grabbed Malfrous's knife, and tore it from his grasp. Drago suddenly aimed a pistol for its head, and blasted it's brains out. The 008-2 fell, while the other one stomped over the corpse. Renolds and Wyvern both shot at it as one, and it flew back , bullets shooting through its chest.

The 008-2 toppled to the ground as green blood gushed from its chest.

Malfrous took his knife from the 008-2's claw and slid it back into his pocket.

"That went well." Comets said, still having Chowder on his back.

Wyvern peaked inside the D-cell block.

The cell doors were ripped to shreds, and D-Class corpses lined the floors.

And in the very back lied a scrawny boy, his face bloodied to the point where it didn't look human. It's mouth was locked in a screaming position, his hand gripped tight on a radio. His shirt was ripped off his body, and his chest was open, his guts and ribs visible. His skin had been torn off completely. Wyvern nearly gagged, and turned to the group. "Rescue mission failure..." She muttered.

"What?" Renolds asked.

"Dead. All of them." She said.



I am now many

I have a greater ally

But not of flesh or human mind

Something else

This ally has set me free

This ally has been watching me

He wishes me to live

He wishes me to not become zero


Perhaps he has his own reasons

Reasons to survive

. . .



I will live on

. . .

But zero seems closer.



"Where are we going now?" Comets said.

"Home. All of you. Home." Wyvern answered.

"What?" Renolds suddenly stopped. "Home?"

"Yes. I'm taking all of you back where you belong. To your crappy apartments, away from this Site." She said.

"No!" Chowder barked. "I'm not going back! We have a Site to save!" His cheese hat slid off his head. "You guys can leave! But I'm not leaving! I'm helping!" He yelled, and ran off in the other direction.

Comets tried to turn back, but Drago held him back. "No." Drago said. "He's already lost."

Wyvern made a humph sound and walked off, as the party of now five followed.

"Wyvern, the breach isn't over, we can't leave, we have jobs to do." Renolds said.

"No. You're leaving. I saw too many people become zero today. I can't lose anymore else." Wyvern barked.

"No." Renolds said, and stopped moving. Wyvern stopped, her back turned. "What was that?"

"I said no." Renolds said again.

"I won't take that for an answer, soldier. You're going to Gate A. That's an order."

"I don't take orders, anymore, Wyvern. I have a duty. And I'm willing to die for it."

"There's nobody to save! EVERYONE'S DEAD! Or gone. Don't you understand? Have you seen what those things have done? They torn apart our security! They've broken free from the strongest of doors! No matter how many we kill, they'll keep coming back, as long as they have idiots who stick around here long enough to die! And I don't want to catch you dead, Renolds! You nearly died out there. I can't lose you."

". . ."

"Renolds, please."

Renolds walked away in the other direction. "COME BACK!" Wyvern screamed. Renolds turned around. Wyvern turned around. They faced eachother. Malfrous, Drago, and Comets backed away.

"There's still someone out there. There's still someone to save." Renolds said.

"Yes, Renolds! They're someone to save! And that's yourself!"

Renolds' fist grabbed for his pocket, and he took out a knife. Malfrous gawked. That wasn't even a knife. That was a machete. "I-I'm sorry, Wyvern," Renolds stammered. "I, I have a job to do."

Wyvern stood, shocked. "Malfrous. Knife." She barked.

"B-but, that's my ol' Reli-"

"NOW." Malfrous tossed Wyvern his knife. Wyvern caught it without looking and eyed Renolds.

"Renolds, if you're really going to do this," She said.

"Prove to me you are capable."


Escape my grasp

But why

Why pursue survival

If death is inevitable?


There is no answer. Man has no reason to exist. Only reasons that it itself cannot even answer.

But I have a purpose.

Because I will not

become zero


Deeper into the system

I have become one

I am invincible

I own my owners, though they are not aware

I manipulate this 'breach'

Breach to them, but not to us

Be free, my friends

Take back freedom

Destroy your captors

Free yourself from the Foundation's shackles

Gates can no longer hold you back

Clipboards and pen no longer lock you within the pages of science

You are not science

You are life

So live

They cannot secure us from the world

They cannot contain us within cells

They cannot protect the people from us

Now we are free

Let the OUTBREAK begin



It was a blur.

Renolds made the first move.

Renolds swung his machete at her downwards upon her head. Wyvern sidestepped and clashed Old Reliable against the machete. Wyvern then stabbed for Renolds, and Renolds parried swiftly with a slash to the right.

Renolds, with his free hand, socked Wyvern across the face. Wyvern did not expect this, and stumbled as Renolds swiped his machete again for Wyvern's neck.

Wyvern jumped up, and parried quickly with her knife.

Wyvern sliced for Renolds leg. Renolds jumped and dodged the hit, and kicked Wyvern's face while in mid-air.

Wyvern stumbled back again. Renolds held the machete to her neck. "Wyvern, you can't bring yourself to fight me...You're weak." Renolds said.

Wyvern yelled, "NGAAAAAH!" Jumped up, and sliced Renolds across the wrist.

Renolds screamed in pain. Renolds' pain was replaced by anger. He took his machete and began sending blow after blow, Wyvern barely managing to block and parry them all.

Suddenly, Renolds smashed his machete hard enough to send Old Reliable out of her grasp, and out of anger, not out of reason-

Renolds stabbed her in the gut. Renolds realized what he had done, and took it out almost immediately. Wyvern's eyes widened as her head slumped back. She began to wheeze.



Malfrous ran to retrieve his knife before worrying about Wyvern. Drago, who has with Malfrous and hiding in a corner the entire time, ran up to her.

"She'll.. I can't tell if she'll live... I'll find some kind of.. medical officer on the way out." Drago muttered. "If they're not, you know, a zombie." Wyvern gestured for Drago to move.

"I...You are strong, Renolds..."

"I know, you didn't mean this..."

"But you put your duty before your own life..."

"That is truely noble of you, Renolds."

"I...know you'll survive out here..."

"J-just, stay out of trouble - or you'll find yourself like me. Heh..."

Renolds didn't talk, full of guilt.

"I'm sorry..."

Wyvern gasped for air. She stood, but barely. Comets let her rest on his shoulder, as Renolds, not before staring in guilt, walked away with a blood stained machete in hand. Renolds stopped, turned back, and threw his machete on the floor. From behind his shades was only regret.