Dr. Campo Showing his new Office at Site-██ Like a moron.

Designation: Dr. Campo


Occupation: Senior Researcher/███████ Operative

Assignment: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Subject's Status: ██████


Dr. Campo firstly met the Foundation back in early 2014 as he was doing his daily stalk of the Game categories he saw a place called "Site-40", this was the first site Dr. Campo ever joined and also where his career started from 0 (Zero). Dr. Campo quickly got though the first 2 (Two) ranks thanks to his activity and behavior and finally had his first assignment as Undercover Task Force Operative wich he used to serve for about 2 (Two) Months, being reassigned right before the reforms. After a long time break, Dr. Campo Joined the Foundation again in 2015 where he finally achieved the Level-3 (Three) Clearance Level and Joined his most devoted Department, the Security Department, After some months of training and some failed assignments, Dr. Campo achieved the Security Guard rank. Dr. Campo also served for a small amount of time Internal Departments such [DATA EXPUNGED BY ORDER OF THE ETHICS COMMITTEE]. After another break of about 6 (Six) months, Dr. Campo decided to join Foundation again as longer service became more Interesting to him. During his current Service Dr. Campo Achieved the rank ████████ in Security Department and recently became a Senior Researcher in the Scientific Department.