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This is the story of 5 Doctors of the SCP Foundation. Dr. Price, Dr. Wires, Dr. Zalazar, Dr. Quantum and Dr. Kernov. And how this virus effected their lives and colleges and how Research Team Omega was destroyed.


"It's really not like him.." Said Dr. Price "Who?" questioned Dr. Wires "Zalazar..hes-hes been acting strange lately.." "I know. He almost fucked up Kernov.." "Who? the Russian?" "Eh..". "So... what are we doing here?" Questioned Price. "Hudson told me that a new virus similar to SCP-008" "The hell is Dr. Hudson doing here..should he be with Woods and Malfrous?" "I don't care for Team 7. Bastards get all the good shit..."

"Hey! will you two fucksticks stop gossiping and start preparing for this Virus shit?!" "Yes ma'am..." Dr. Quantum was a ruthless, obese woman who sounded more like a Drill Sargent. "Dr. Quantum...." Price said with fear and shyness in his voice "W-w-when will i-it arrive?" "Does it look like I FUCKIN' KNOW??!! "I-I-I'm not sure ma'am-" "SHUT UP AND BRING ME THE FUCKIN' CLIPBOARD OVER THERE!!!" Price immediately rushed over to get the clipboard, Dr. Quantum requested "Here you go ma'am" "Thank you!".

Suddenly the 'Arrival Doors' opened. Which they usually used to transport SCPs between Sites "Here it is!" screamed Dr. Quantum "Alright let's just get this done" Said Dr. Kernov who was Russian but could speak fluent English. A laugh came from behind. "Zalazar! where where you? You piece of shit!" "Planning your death.." "Wait what?!" "Its only a joke, Dr. Quantum..Nothing to be frighted about" "Um okay..." Her voice becoming more shyer and shyer.

"Let's do this" She said..

Sirens blaring in their ears, The new SCP had arrived at Site 101. It was a BIO-HAZARD as of many Biological things kept at Site 101. "Get ready!" MTF where on standby and Dr. Scruffy overlooking the ordeal, Hudson walked in "What is that sir?" "The most dangerous Keter we've ever kept" "No, what type of disease is it?" "Nuro-Hazard" "Holy shit, do you think we should be messing with this stuff?" "Secure. Contain. Protect, boy remember that." "Yes sir..." He said as the two men walked off.

"MTF, GO GO GO!" Captain Alfred MacArthur shouted at the Team C-6 of MTF units.