--Log Begin--

(Dr. ████ , Dr Y███ and Dr ████ would sit in a room to adress Drago and Malfrous' incident. Drago and Malfrous were seperated from the other doctors by a bulletproof glass wall, accompanied by 4 MTF units as the other doctors barked at them from the other side.)


Dr. Malfrous (Drunk): "Dr Y██, if I may speaaak..."

Dr. Y███ (Shirt stained with unknown green goo.): "WHAT IS IT, TERROIST!?"

Dr. Malfrous: "I thiiiink...The pooony did it." [Malfrous points at an empty seat.] "BLAAME HIM, DOKTUR!"

Dr. Y███ (facepalming, followed by a messy burp, followed by green liquid dripping from his mouth.): "DAMNIT, GIMME ME HANKERCHIEF, ███!"

Dr: ████ (passing the handkerchief to Y███.): "MALFROUS, SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH!"

Dr. Malfrous: "Whaat chu saay? You ass? Heeeere, daad." (Malfrous would put his hands underneath his pants and attempt to pull them down. MTF Units immediantly tazer Malfrous in the balls. Malfrous would shriek like a school girl.)

Dr. Drago: "Sir, I think Malfrous is high."

Dr: Y███ (After wiping his mouth with the handkerchief.) "QUITE, DRAGO! We are here to address our little incident." (Dr. ████ would point at the corpse of a female L-0, her mop's stick puncturing her heart.)

Dr. Drago: "Sir, I only allowed Malfrous in the Site because I was watching him! I know he had a bad drinking habit yesterday, but he was fine! Until the janitor tried to take away Malfrous into the incinerator when he suddenly fell asleep. Your assumptions are wrong."

Dr. Y███ (Would jump from his seat and bark like a dog.)

Dr. Malfrous (Would put his hand on the glass where Y██'s face was, trying to pet him.) "Aww, quite little dogggy."

Dr. Y███ (Would somehow glance at Malfrous, sending him flying across the room.) "I BELIEVE I CAN FL- OOH, SHT, I BROKE A BONE, FK, CALL NINE ONE ONE! SHT, SHT, SHT." (After faceplanting into a wall.)

Dr. Drago: "Uhh...."

Dr. Y███; (His jaw would open so wide that he could devour the Empire Statue Building.) "YOU HAVE 480 DAYS IN EXILE, YOU MISERABLE LITTLE DRAGON!"

Dr. Drago: (Pause.) "I'm not a dragon."

Dr Y██ (would barf a little in his mouth in reply.)

Dr Drago: "...."

Dr Y██ (would open his mouth, letting a giant flood of barf to smash towards the glass, shattering it with one swift strike.)

Dr. Drago. "Son of a bi-" (Subject was cut off after barf smacked him square in the face.)

-- End Log --

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