This is Agent █████ Black. My search team has located this burnt journal located in the ruins of Site 40. We have recovered as much as we can from this book, and have just recently learned it was created by █████ Malfrous. He seems to have begun writing it long before he was a Foundation member. We have hidden all information about his personal life and have only included the parts regarding the Foundation for those it may concern.

This journal shall not be leaked into the public in any form. All personnel reading this must keep the journal within the Site at all times. No replicating of this document shall be tolerated.

~ Agent █████ Black

ENTRY ONE - 11/2/20██ Edit

This was the same day my father died in 19██. A few hours ago a man knocked on my door, wearing a uniform I have not seen since that day. He held a clipboard in hand and gave me a pen, asking if I was ████ Malfrous. I responded yes, and he ordered me to sign a piece of paper. Upon asking what this was about, the man told me he once knew my father, and that he said he wanted me to join this... Foundation .... if he somehow was retired...or killed. I asked for more information and I was rejected. The man told me to sign and carry on the legacy of my father, or to allow the great doctor to fade away as time goes by, and I continue my crummy life in my apartment.

I was forced to sign my name and comply. The man had no emotion on his face as he took the pen and paper out of my hands and said a monotone, 'Thank you.', as he walked away, boarding a black car with tinted windows. Before leaving, they said they would give me a tour to their 'Site 40' soon. The man also left me a box with bold letters reading, TO ONLY BE OPENED BY █████ MALFROUS . Inside I found a labcoat, some boots, and a pair of gloves.

In a separate small box, there was a black mask with a tag reading, Just in case you meet you-know-who.

I am party...confused.

ENTRY TWO - 11/8/20██ Edit

Packing my things was easy. Going to another life entirely? Hard.

When they knocked on my door again, they told me to wear the given uniform.

I quickly put on the labcoat, the gloves, the boots, some deoderant, but I kept the mask inside it's box. I didn't seem to have any use for it now. I asked the man what it was used for, and he told me to 'Thank him later'. They helped me with my stuff and shoved it into the black car and we drove off, away from my apartment. I asked him what my father did in their 'Foundation'. They told me he was a good man who believed to protect the people, you must keep the very things that threaten them away from their knowing.

I questioned it once again, and the man turned away from the steering wheel and held a syringe to my head. That was when my memory stopped.

I awakened in this weird giant gate, still in the car, tape strapped to my mouth. The man apologized for the rude awakening and told me to hang tight.

I had a feeling things would be very different from life back in California.

ENTRY THREE- 11/9/20██ Edit

They showed me to this weird, white building. It was the largest thing I ever seen. The same style as the building my father showed me. They took me to my office, which was quite plain. I plopped all my boxes in there and I allowed the man to show me around. It was all quite eerie. I bumped into many straight-faced men wearing the same uniform as I. I also saw a line of men in orange jumpsuits in an orderly line, following a man with a gun that constantly threatened to blow their faces off.

This job was already feeling quite for me.

They told me they'd show me the swing of things and soon I'll begin work. They also put the words 'Level One' on my uniform and told me to wander around and get used to my fellow employees. I met this guy called Hudson, he seemed pretty chill. Atleast I made some 'friends' in this new job. I wonder what my father saw in working here, however. Doesn't seem like anything important.

11/17/20██ Edit

I remember how a week ago I wrote my job 'doesn't seem like anything important.'

That was until they finally told me what my job really was.

ENTRY FOUR- 2/12/20██ Edit

I saved a man from a giant reptile. Nothing much, I earned myself the L-1 title. I am starting to get the hang of this thing. I also met this cool guy called Colms and befriended the man I saved. His name was ███ Drago, or something like that. I look forward to working with them.

ENTRY FIVE - 3/22/20██ Edit

I thought I wouldn't write in this for a while because I feel like something is...watching me...

I'm only writing this because they locked me in my office. Why?

Well, almost half the Foundation saw my face after a few bozos took my mask off. I sworn to never show it after my little incident with Shy Guy. I assume this was why they gave me the mask... Maybe, they meant for 096 to breach? Maybe...MAYBE! No, no conspiracies. I hope. Anyway, almost killed the mask-thieves. Almost get exiled. Almost killed everyone in the room after I shouted 'No witnesses shall survive', I got tazered right in the balls, I got kicked in the chest while I saw having a seizure on the floor, and I swear this weirdo with blue spikey hair began pissing on my face after I tried to stab him. Fartwood, or something, I don't remember. I also killed one L-0. Poor janitor was trying to mop my face. I 'accidently' tore a hole in his stomach with my knife. I don't like it when someone's intestines spill on the floor. This is a note that never, ever, cut someones guts out. I also attached the intestines to the other side of his mop. Double mop, just in case. A shame he won't live long enough to use that wonderful piece of art. I also got a few people to faint. Drago was laughing like the fucking Joker on crack, bloody Colms didn't even bat a fucking eye. Then this other weirdass guy in a red suit and a red willy wonka hat on fire walked in and suddenly, his eyes flew out of his fucking sockets and he began to fucking barf all over his shoes.

ENTRY SIX - 3/23/20██ Edit

Still locked up in here. They slid a bunch of oreos from beneath the door. Thanks for that. I swear, they probably pissed on them or something - they tasted off and the icing had a shade of yellow in it.

So guess what? I pissed through the bottom of the door. Heh heh. What a surprise for whoever was going to open it.

And, they just let me out. A bit suspicious of me to write in some weird journal when looking at the L-4 lecturing me. I forgot his name, Dr. Ying Yang or something. It was that weird red willy wonka guy. Yeah, Dr. Old - or Young. Yeah, Young. He also had a bunch of pokemon cards poking out of his pocket. They were mostly random pictures of some yellow cat with a tophat on it. Never seen that one before, I was a big Pokemon nerd myself as a kid.

I asked him about his cards. He calmed down and showed them to me. I showed him one I had of a orange dragon bursting fire all over a blue turtle thing. He barfed all over it in reaction.

Well. Probably won't be writing for now... We'll see.

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