Based on a true story... Edit

It was an calm evening at Site-40-2, Malfrous was arriving toward the facility. Drago stood outside of the gate, waiting for him, they greeted each other and Drago smuggled something suspicious into Malfrous' hands. It appeared to look like a semi-machine gun along with a card with a tint of orange. They then continued to walk into the site, wandering through the hallways of the Entrance Zone, the came across the electrical room. Drago warned Malfrous not to messing around with anything, but he did it anyway. He flicked the primary lighting off and turned on the PA System and did an impression of SCP-079, telling the personnel that it had hacked through the lighting systems. Meanwhile, Drago was in the background laughing while telling him to stop, Security Captain Soni came over to tell them to stop. They walked out of the room, Malfrous pulled out a gun from his jacket and from behind the door, stood a Mobile Task Force unit. The two men pinned Malfrous against the wall, they all questioned him of how he got a weapon. He wouldn't talk, Drago came up from behind them and told them to back off. Soni let it fly, but the MTF unit didn't, so Drago provided a distraction for Malfrous to run, after running, they entered the Heavy Containment Zone. There were some staff there, Malfrous chased after a level-1 female with his gun. He tried shooting her, but luckily he was a terrible shot. The woman went running across the corridors, a couple of high-ranks came over to the scene. They shot Malfrous, dead. I mean, tranquilized, of course Young wouldn't kill Malfrous. But later, Co-Director ██████ shot Drago, fell down to the cold ground and was dragged along with Malfrous into the Light Containment Zone. They were thrown into a Small Testing Chamber. Minutes later, the awoken by the flash of light. They came in contact with many other administrative personnel. They all had a discussion about Drago lending Malfrous a level-3 keycard and a FN P90[A]. In the end, Drago was suspended from the Security Department for FORTY-EIGHT HOURS.