Name: Steven ██████ Willow


Security Clearance: 3

Job/occupation: Logistics Manager

Status: Diseased

Basic InformationEdit

Steven was born on ██/██/██ to a Canadian family. Grew up, and stuff and always like to help people move stuff, so at the age of 18 after highschool, he moved to the Seattle Washington to work at the dock and load stuff to a ship, he was the truck driver. Then one day a foundation agent contacted him and recruited him to the logistics department, Steven accepted and went to the orientation and crap, and begin his job in the foundation. He was relocated to Site-19 and with other personnel, load SCPs and other resources.

He's known to be an avid reader and reads during his break or whenever he has time, his favorite books was a journal written by a Mobile Task Force Mu-13 member who is dead sadly. And other books include one by Donald Trump, Starwars, etc.

Stevens was in charge of the loading of SCPs and schedule and documenting if there here on time, and to assist his co-workers in loading, he also used the forklift.

Site 19 attackEdit

One day, the chaos insurgency came to raid Site-19 and try to take as much SCPs as possible and kill any witnesses, Steven was in an anomalous item storage room at the time, while being evacuated out of the site by guards and MTF, he and some other personnel got shot and killed by a few chaos insurgency operatives.