Dr. Hudson only had one son, but his son already knew about the Foundation because both his parents worked there. Conner Hudson Jr they called him when he was born. He was a small baby like his father. It was 03/11/2014 'Bring Your Child To Work Day' So Hudson had no choice because his wife worked in the Foundation also. His son was only 7. The O5 said to him "Alright but the child must Never say anything to his friends about the Foundation. Am I understood Hudson?" "Yes..sir" "Alright son lets show you around" "Yay!" His son was very joyous about this because he never really got to see his father as often as he should. A voice on the loudspeaker was heard "Children are only to be taken on a tour in Light Containment, I repeat No child is to be taken into Heavy Containment until an 05 can clarify." "Alright daddy where should we go first?!" He was skipping ahead of his father "Conner slow down!" "Okay dad.."

He took his fathers hand "Dad why do you leave me grandma and grandpa all the time?" "Son I work in a dangerous place.. It's mainly for safety reasons" His sons smile was more radiant that Dr. Hudson had ever seen. They approached their first SCP. SCP-914 "Ohhhh this is really cool dad!" after a day of traveling around the light containment, It was lunch time. They set up the cafeteria to be more 'Kid friendly' "Conner go over and get yourself some ice cream." "Do I need money daddy?" "No its free!" Hudson smiled "Yay!" His son ran over to the Ice cream dispenser while Hudson was talking to his friends " Hey Hudson!" "Is that your son?" "Yeah Woods.." "Looks a lot like you.." "That's what everyone has been saying" "Hey Malfrous!" "Hey guys this is my son, Daniel" "Hello mister" Daniel said "Hey Daniel go over to the Ice cream shop over there where the other kids are" "Whats your kids name Hudson?" "Conner" He replied Malfrous laughed "Named his after yourself I presume?" "Yeah. It was my wife's idea" He laughed more

"Hey daddy I got you some ice cream as well, Its chocolate!" "Thanks Conner, Let me introduce you to some of my friends" "This is Dr. Malfrous, Dr. Woods, Dr. Snail, Dr. Parkswood and Dr. Drago" "Hello.." Conner said shyly "Hey there" "He is an identical twin to you Hudson" said Dr. Drago "I have no twins Conner said" All the men laughed including Hudson himself "He even has your personality" "And I'd like you guys to meet my son, Daniel " "Hello" said Daniel. "And this is my daughter Amber said Dr. Snail" "Hello there..." Said Amber. "And this is my son Adam" said Dr. Woods "And this is my son Alexander" Said Dr. Drago "Hey kids why do you go over to the tables and we'll come after" Conner was making new friends. It was odd for him because he was very anti-social "Guys, they're just like us when we we're kids here" Said Malfrous, Hudson was having flashbacks to the day he met all his friends in the Foundation when he was only 7 years old and he remembers very vividly young Malfrous crying and the sound of gunshots ringing in his ears his father screaming at him to come back while young Hudson went over to try and comfort young Malfrous. Then the Loud-Speaker PA system came on again "All children with Parents who are both in the Foundation, you may now enter Heavy Containment" Conner who was frightened at the PA system ran to his father and hugged him tight

"Alright everyone stay close to your parents, Its gonna get scary" said an O5 who was holding his daughters hand. Hudson gripped his Sons hand tight and the O5 opened the Heavy Containment doors. They had a fun day of looking at SCPs but it was time to go home Hudson's wife Sarah Hudson ,came to pick Conner up "Did you have a fun day sweetie?" "Yeah!, dad gave me this" He showed his mother a copy of his father's Level 2 key card "Wow!" Sarah exclaimed "See you later babe" giving Hudson a kiss "Tell them I'll be in tomorrow" "Alright, see you later Conner" "Bye daddy!" he turned back while holding his mother hand.

And Hudson had another day of work ahead of him....