"Woods, I think you should stop drinking" Drago said, his face riddled with concern.  "Shut up you red haried-" He pauses and takes a gulp of his drink. "What was I gonna say again?" A chuckle can be heard from Malfrous. "What you laughing about, terrorist?" He asks while extending his neck to assult his mask with the smell of alcohol coming from his mouth.

"Holy shit" Woods set, poking his mask. "Can someone get this drunk, sad man off my face?" Malfrous says in a disgusted tone. Suddenly, Woods jumped onto the table and started singing.  "I don’t want to set the world on fire!" He pauses and takes a drink from his bottle " I just want to start a flame in your hearrrrrtt!-" He sings, butchering the song.

"Can someone please shut him the fuck up! Where not aloud this must alcohol in one place" Malfrous shouts angrily. "In my heart I have but one desire!  And that one is you no other will doooo!" He continues, despite  the warnings. "Fuck this!" He shouts. Malfrous gets out from his seat and pushes the table that Woods is singing over, causing him to fall.

Woods falls face first on to the floor. Still after that Woods gets up and starts to scream the lyrics. "I’ve lost all ambition! for wordly acclaim! I just want to be the one you’d love!" "He sounds like a drunk teenenger crying over his first break up" Drago says, still calmy sitting on his chair still after the events."If he doesn't shut the fuck up hes gonna be crying over having a broken face!"

Malfrous walks up to Woods and attempts to take the bottle off of woods, but to no prevail. "Did I ever- ever tell you guys your the best of guys ya know?" Woods barely spurts out while attempting to hug Malfrous. "Get off of me you special fucking snowflake!" Malfrous shouts while pulling woods of him. Woods falls straight to the ground due to having so much alcohol inside his system. Even after he fell you could still hear him attempting to sing.

Dr Horror arrives in the elevator and is assulted by the smell of alcohol and the utter chaos that is before her. She sighs and presses the button to go back down again. Woods barely spurts out in a drunken haze "Just like highschool malfrous eh? Mentally scaring girls everyday" Woods couldn't hear his reply back as he fell into a sleep.

This is meant to be a humorous, non serious story