Agent Dragon was about to walk into conference room 9B,expecting to see Dr.Young and Dr.Colms. But all he saw was Agent Fira sitting in the middle of the dark room. Agent Fira then asked Agent Dragon to sit down. Agent Dragon then toke one of the black leather chairs and sat in it. Agent Fira then asked Agent Dragon to tell him all about the containment breach in Site-40.

Agent Dragon then started to explain the containment breach by starting off with" So it all started while I was helping someone test SCP-173.Then the alarms started blaring their usual saying, and the lights went out.Then I escorted the Class-d to their cells and put on my CTF suit. So the CTF did the usual, we searched almost every SCP cell. During this process the CTF meet three anomalies. The first one being a IFEA(Intelligent Flying Electric Anomaly).The second one was a IACE (Invisible Anomaly Causing Explosions), and lastly the third anomaly was a FEA(Flying Electric Anomaly).The FEA had the mind of a child and was easily manipulated, me and agent contained by putting it into a battery. Agent Lime is in possession of the battery. The other two anomalies escaped the facility before we could contain them. So when most of the CTF had encountered these Anomalies, the radio started blaring with deaths, injuries and encounters caused by the anomalies. So after searching almost every SCP cell, the CTF came to SCP-035 and we had to wait 15 minuets just for an L-5 to get there. Then we opened the door and saw that SCP-035 was gone. So now that I told you that, I can tell you my encounters with the anomalies. So my first encounter with one of the anomalies was with the IFEA. So after we found out SCP-035 escaped we started looking for him and I was in the EZ , when I encountered the IFEA, I put down my gun to see if it would become less hostile, and it worked. Then I asked the IFEA "can you help me find SCP-035." It answered me by saying in a low voice "depends what will you give me." I answered by saying "protection I will make sure we the CTF don't try to kill you and will offer you a place here at site-40, so we can protect you from the people at the outside world." The anomaly then said ok SCP-035 is at-, but was cut off from by the radio. When a CTF member said SCP-035 is in he generator room. So my second encounter with one of the anomalies was with the IACE. So I was with two CTF members, we were patrolling the EZ and right when we were coming up the stairs of one of the generator rooms, I saw a explosion down the hallway and said take cover. I jumped back down the stairs, but it was too late for the other two CTF members. They were both killed in the explosion. I had multiple shrapnel wounds, so I called a medic and got my wounds worked on to the point I could go back into the CB and the other two CTF members were taken in body bags. So my last encounter with one of anomalies was with the FEA. So after SCP-035 had escaped the facility and the RTF were after him. The CTF were dealing with the FEA, actually it wasn't the CTF it was only me and agent, so we went in to the LTC(Large testing Chamber) and I acted dead so I would not scare the FEA because he was scared of the CTF. Agent Lime tried to contain the anomaly but someone opened the containment doors and SCP-049 came out. we contained SCP-049 but the anomaly ran away. We saw that the anomaly went into the power lines, so we followed the power lines to outside and we found a firing squad shooting at the anomaly and sulfurous yelling kill it.I tried to stop the firing squad by going in front of the bullets and the firing squad stopped and Agent contained the anomaly in a battery."

Agent Fira then said" SO you disobeyed a L-5 and and helped capture a anomaly...I will let this one pass because you helped capture the anomaly.So continue, wait i almost forgot after this we must have extensive testing to see if you got any anomalous properties after this breach because, you know there were so many things that could have given you anomalous properties so yeah.You also have no choice you have to do the testing and it will commence after you finish telling me the story behind the breach, so continue.The words that Agent Fira just said echoed in Agent J.J.Dragon's mind "extensive testing... Extensive testing...EXTENSIVE TESTING."Those two words started to worry him, he started to sweat, adrenaline started pumping through his system, he could fell his smell,eyesight and strength being amplified to those of a wolf.Then Agent Fira noticed something wrong with Agent Dragon's green eyes, his iris's looked vibrant,brighter.then Agent Fira knew at that moment the testing was needed and something had affected Agent Dragon during the breach.

So Agent Dragon continued his story nervously"S-So,n-now that i told you that i can tell you the r-rest.So after the CTF member told the CTF that SCP-035 is in the generator room and we cornered it and killed SCP-035's victim, but while in the process of containing of SCP-035 one of the CTF put SCP-035 on and escaped so we tracked him and killed him, this happened about 3 times, then the third time we tracked him to the LCZ and you know you tried to reason with it and i said shoot it multiple times and it got mad and started shooting, I escaped, many CTF were killed.Then we tracked SCP-035 to Gate B and you tried to reason with him and he escaped.So after that FEA showed itself and me and Dr.Colms saw it in SCP-049's cell and we rushed down to the cell and tried to contain it, but someone open the cell doors and SCP-049 came out me and Dr.Colms escaped and I contained SCP-049,but after that we saw that the FEA escpaed into the power lines and we followed them to Gate A and we found a firing squad shooting at the anomaly and Dr.sulfurous yelling kill it.I tried to stop the firing squad by going in front of the bullets and the firing squad stopped and Agent contained the anomaly in a battery.So that was the whole breach.Agent Dragon said as he finished his story.Then Agent Dragon saw Agent Fira do a hand signal and Agent Dragon felt a needle in his neck.Then fell of his chair and saw Dr.young with a needle in his hand and Agent Fira with a radio to his ear.Agent Dragon could not hear what Agent Fira was saying.Then Agent Fira said to Agent Dragon "Time for the Extensive Testing."