Unknown ██ : Director, it is a pleasure.

Director ███████: How did you get onto this frequency - who- who is this?

Unknown ██: That is out of the topic, good sir... I see you have recently acquired an anomaly...does a ████ of ████ sound familiar to you?

Director ██████: How did you get that information?

Unknown ██: Answer the question, ████.

Director ██████: . . . It came into our hands █ days ago. What is it to you?

Unknown ██: The Foundation has betrayed you once, Director. Your wife didn't need to die.

Director ██████: -No answer-

Unknown ██: We need you, ████. And you need us. In return for the anomaly, we will give you the chance to ██████ ████ ███, and also ███,███,███ in cash. A small price to pay for a large wealth and a chance for revenge.

Director ██████: . . . Will nobody know of this?

Unknown ██: Not a soul, Director . . .

Director ██████: When shall I carry out this task?

Unknown ██: According to your Foundation's files, this anomaly will arrive at a 'Site 95' on 12/4/20██.

Director ██████: And you expect me to just hand it over?

Unknown ██: According to public reports, this anomaly is quite .... destructive. See to it you assign to a vulnerable area for its anomalous effects to take action.

Director ██████: I think I have a good place in mind.

Unknown ██: Excellent. If you do not carry out this task, Director, you will serve slave to the Foundation forever. Heed our offer, we are not the average GOI.

Director ██████: If the Foundation finds out about our little deal here, they will wipe me from existence.

Unknown ██: No, Director...

We will wipe them from existence.

End Log