1. Huh, there's an entire list of things I cannot do? That's pretty neat! Dr Drago is not allowed to view this document.
  • Dr Drago is, allowed to break any of the rules below. Dr Drago is not allowed to edit this document.

2. If Drago were the shout these following statements, please taze him immediately. If you are not part of the Security division, weld yourself with the nearest object that can be used for a weapon, e.g. a chair, and assault him. This may be continued with batons if he refuses to stop.

  • "I'm a motherfucking dragon!"
  • Any statement involving the word "SCIENCE" in it.
  • "Purge!"
  • "Red Bull gives you wings!"
  • "It's just a prank, bro."
  • "It was a social experiment!"

3. Dr. Drago is not allowed to review his own grammar when writing.

4. Dr. Drago is not allowed to wield any weapons without a proper guardian watching him without a response team on site without blanks loaded in his weapons for the safety of Foundation personnel.

  • If Drago was able to posses a weapon, he is not allowed to shoot Agent Wyvern any personnel.

5. Dr. Drago is not to be mistaken as Dr. Brights.

  • Nor Dr. Clef.

6. Dr. Drago may not consume any alcoholic beverages with more than .02% alcohol.

  • Especially Vodka.
  • Dr. Drago is banned from all of the bars that the Foundation has to offer to their personnel in facilities.
  • Dr. Drago and Agent Wyvern are not allowed within 50m of each other when either is intoxicated.

8. Dr. Drago is to not refer Dr. Colms as "Dr. Clams"

9. It is advised that Drago is to not be placed in any sorts of encased structures.

  • This includes anomalous ones, such as SCP-455.

10. Drago is not able to earn a high position on these following departments,

  • Security Department
  • Scientific Department
  • Administrative Department
  • Scratch that out, any divisions.

11. Dr Drago is not allowed to do the following things below to Dr Abafar

  • Call his pet Dragon Snail, a "Lapras".
  • Refer to him as "Billy".
  • Shout "ALLAHU ABAFAR" while he is nearby.
  • Interrupt his tests in any way.
  • Throw cups of Coke from SCP-294 into his office.

12. Drago is now only able to get a maximum amount of three (3) a day from SCP-294, and may not use them to be disposed into Abafar's anyone's office.

13. Drago is not allowed to call O5-7 his "buddy chum pal friend buddy pal chum bud friend fella bruther amigo pal buddy friend chummy chum chum pal"

  • Nor is he allowed to threatened to "diddly darn snap his neck".

14. Drago (and Malfrous) are not allowed to "terrorize their colleagues".

15. Dr.Drago is not allowed to steal coke any beverage from Dr.Comet.